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Three reasons Titanfall 2 falls flat

The Titanfall 2 Tech Test is over and was met with bad reviewers by fans, find out what they were here.

The ex-Infinity Ward guys at Respawn recently ended their last “Tech Test” for Tianfall 2 on August 28, after some less than positive responses. Ignoring the fact it’s called a Tech Test, and not just a Beta, the fans were not happy with what they saw. Here are my thoughts.


3 – Where are the Titans?

In a game called Titanfall, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of the things. You only see a couple a match, and they’re very weak compared to the last game. The reason for this is in Tianfall 1 you automatically received a Titan after a set time, where as now you need to earn them with kills and completing the objective. As well as this, they have also received a nerf to the damage they do to pilots. I personally see this as a good thing as the old system rewarded bad players, whereas now you need to be good to earn your Titan. However, a lot of the community disagrees with the changes, and I seem to be in the minority.


2 – Time to kill

The time to kill has been reduced, which is definitely a bad decision. You don’t need to land as many shots, which overall lowers the skill required. This will also create more camping as players try to preserve their more vulnerable lives.


1 – Decrease to movement speed

A big appeal to Titanfall is the ability to parkour around maps at high speeds, but the sequel has crushed this joy. You only have one thrust from your jet pack now, and the maps are more open, which decreases your amount of wall running and climbing. This slows down the game-play and makes it feel sluggish, which is a word I’d never dream of describing Titanfall as.

Three reasons Titanfall 2 falls flat

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