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Drakemoon: New Sketchy eSports Gambling Site

Ever since Valve banned gambling, we have been seeing the big sites get cold feet. This has made way for new sites to make their place, and some are even more unethical. 

There’s now a new giant CS:GO gambling site in town, and its only purpose is to drain you for as much money as possible. You may have seen videos on it by your favourite YouTubers like Anomaly and Nick Bunyan promoting the site Drakemoon, and I’m going to tell you the real truth about it.

One of the reasons Drakemoon is doing so well is that it’s introduced a new way of gambling. It acts like the normal CS:GO cases you open ingame, but the cases on this website are custom made. They can be an all knife case, with a chance to get a Karambit, or cases containing Dragonlores. This new concept has certainly got people’s attention; the only problem is the skins you want to get are near impossible to obtain. This is how they’ve been so successful, and able to pay big YouTubers to endorse them and get more people hooked on the new formula.

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Many people believed gambling has been dying since Valve banned it due to backlash, but with sites like this still popping up, it clearly still has a place in the community. Sites like Drakemoon have emerged recently, trying to capitalise on the fact the big gambling sites are getting cold feet. They introduce new gambling methods which seem fun at first, but then suck your inventory clean. They also have the funds to get big YouTubers to advertise the site, and send more traffic their way.

At the end of the day it always comes back to morals. Many of these YouTubers Drakemoon sponsored have young and impressionable audiences, so advertising a gambling website is very questionable. Nick Bunyan in particle has made five videos on the website; losing hundreds in skins, but the main point of the videos are all the amazing stuff he eventually wins. Drakemoon is one of the biggest and sketchiest new sites to arrive after the gambling ban, and I doubt it’ll be the last.

Do you have any experience with Drakemoon or the like? Tell us your experience!

Drakemoon: New Sketchy eSports Gambling Site

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