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Team Envyus wins Gfinity Invitational

The Team Envyus roster was able to take a big win at Gfinity to bring home $50,000.

Gfinity hosted four teams at the Eurogamer Expo in the $100,000 Gfinity Invitational. The four teams – Mouse Esports, Team Envyus, GODSENT, and Epsilon – took part in a three day single elimination, best of five tournament. It has been a long time since the French squad Envyus took first at a tournament, but their day finally came.

After a dominant 3-1 win over Epsilon Esports, Envyus sailed into the Grand Finals with high expectations. Their eventual opponent, Mouse, would provide some parallels with an equally dominant 3-1 win over the Russian GODSENT squad.

While the Grand finals went 3-0, the overall score failed to tell the true story of how the matches played out. The finals opened with an nV favorite Cache where they were able to start 11-4 on Counter Terrorist (CT) side, but Mouse was able to force overtime. Envyus started slow, but was able to clutch the map in part due to great performances from Happy and apex.

The next map was Cobblestone, which saw Envyus take a quick 5-1 lead which led to a halftime lead of 10-5. Much like on Cache, Mouse had a surprise for Envy and nearly forced overtime again, but on Match Point, Happy was able to score a 3K with the AWP and close it out at 16-12.

The final map was Dust2, which saw Mouse jump to 5-0 and eventually was able to climb as far as 9-2 – putting the Frenchmen on edge. Yet, the French were not to be outplayed as they were able to start strong in the second half with Timothee “Devil” Demolon scoring a 3k to close out the tournament 16-14.

This is Envyus’ second win at a Gfinity event, after beating Fnatic 3-2 at the Gfinity Champion of Champions last year.

Both teams will be fighting in the TBS broadcasted ELeague starting in October, where they both face difficult challenges in their group stages.

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Team Envyus wins Gfinity Invitational

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