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Tavern Brawl: Party Portals (01/9/2016)

Talking you through the current Tavern Brawl.

Hello there, it’s Party Portal time in the current Tavern Brawl. 

So, you both play as a mage, and you get a combination of portals, these include…

Malestrom Portal

Unstable Portal 

Ironforge Portal 

Moonglade portal

Party Portal – Some pretty op minions.

Silvermoon Portal

I think that’s it… They’re all pretty good, Party Portal seems pretty consistent.

Other things to note, you have two party people on the board that make your portals cost less, so that’s cool. 

You want to know how to play this Tavern Brawl? Well it’s super complicated, will require a lot of though, and definitely isn’t 90% luck. So remember in the last brawl we spoke about some stuff? Basically the same thing. 


1) Try and play on curve

So this one is a toughie, because obviously you have totally random cards, but there are ways to play slightly to curve. When picking your muligan, look for three (2) mana cards. Turn one, you play one of those, and turn two you play two of them, this is the best opener, it will give you tempo and stuff which is cool. 


2) Trading

There are plenty of articles about, that will teach you the value of trading, and the value in not trading (TrumpW). So look it up. A summary? Try and get the most out of your minions, trading up (their mana cost being higher than yours) is always a winning idea. Don’t trade if you can kill the enemy.


3) Get Lucky

So here is the main strategy for this brawl, start praying to RNJesus, Gaben, Blizzard, whoever… Just get lucky, it’s really easy and once you get the hang of it you’ll win every game (so I hear). 

I know this is a super short one guys and gals, and I’m sorry, but I don’t really know what else to talk about, I mean I could talk about Lore…. 

Tavern Brawl: Party Portals (01/9/2016)

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