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Overwatch Patch: 3 characters to receive nerfs

Some major characters are receiving nerfs in the upcoming Overwatch patch, but who are they and how severe will they be?

Get your gameplay in with these characters now, as when the upcoming Overwatch patch arrives Genji, Zenyatta, Lucio will be getting the dreaded nerf. The speedy healer, damage dealer Lucio is having his ultimate ability, which massively increases heath and movement speed, decreased from 100% speed boost down to 70%. I’m glad Blizzard didn’t try and nerf his health like they did in the Beta, as the good thing about Lucio is he’s a healer who can put up a fight.

But it’s the Japanese cyborg ninja who will be hit the hardest, having his ultimate ability Dragonblade cut from eight seconds down to six. He also won’t be able deal damage to traps like Junkrat’s steel trap, making him easier to pin down. As well as this, his double jump will no longer reset after wall running, and won’t be able to interrupt his melee attacks.

This means pro and non-pro Genji players alike will have to adjust their play styles. “You have to relearn all your muscle memory for just moving and playing the game,” says pro A_Seagull in reference to the jump nerf. “That’s probably the most annoying part about the Genji change.”

Zenyatta will suffer a nerf to his Orb of Discord, as it currently increases damage done to targeted enemies by 50%, but is now being dropped to 30%. I think this is a good thing, as whenever I’m hit by it, I find myself cowering like it’s McCree’s High Noon. To compensate for this, however, his standard attack, Orb of Destruction, is going to be buffed from 40 damage to 46, meaning he still retains some of his DPS potential.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes things up, as Zenyatta is currently a must have character in my opinion, and Genji players will undoubtedly be salty for a while. I’m certain Lucio will still be a prominent pick, and in quick play games the nerf won’t even be noticeable.



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Overwatch Patch: 3 characters to receive nerfs

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