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Overwatch New Secret Character

The next Overwatch character is shrouded in mystery, but in this article we'll break down what we know so far.

Overwatch New Secret Character: Sombra

For months now this character has teased her arrival, giving the Overwatch community seemingly impossible challenges and hinting at her debut. I’m of course speaking about Sombra. Blizzard has left little Easter eggs in trailers like a string of code, which after extensive work produce messages from Sombra such as: “Was that easy? Now that I have your attention, let’s make things more difficult.” This has led the community on a wild goose chase, but who really is she?


The only thing we know for a fact is Sombra is a hacker from the map Dorado. She is most likely a stealth character as her name means shadow in Spanish, and she is constantly in the dark, toying with the community through puzzles. It is widely believed she will have a cloaking ability because of the Summer Games trailer. While Lucioball is being shown, you can see a blurry translucent silhouette in the background believed to be our Spanish hacker. Currently Blizzard haven’t officially said anything on Sombra regarding her abilities, but I for one am very interested to see what she brings to Overwatch. She certainty has created high expectations.

Overwatch New Secret Character

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