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Overwatch Character Guide: Pharah

In this article I'll be going over the basic of Pharah, perhaps the most versitile character in the game.

The blue armour wrapped Egyptian Pharah can sway the tide of battle in the right hands due to her versatility, which is why you should read this short guide on how to play her properly. 

Her weapon of chose is a rocket launcher that shoots high damage but slow moving rockets. This is one of the best weapons in the game due to massive 120 damage it causes on a direct hit, allowing you to 2 shot weaker characters like Hanzo. The rocket launcher is also great a dealing with Tanks, and with help from your teammates you will be able to drop them pretty quickly. The weapon does have a slight learning curve however, as the projectiles travel at a sluggish 28.5 meters per second. Once you get the hang of it and can predict the trajectory, you’ll be happy you put in the practice.


Pharah’s most eye-catching trait is her jetpack, allowing you to slowly ascent into the sky and also boost up faster with her ability Jump Jet. The ability does have a pretty long cool down at 10 seconds, but if your use you Hover sparingly you will be able to stay in the air whilst it recharges. This ability is great for objective maps, and you can circle the area like a vulture and pick off your prey. People will soon catch onto your tactics though, so make sure not to over extend yourself. The level of play you are at will determine when this is.

She also has the MOST underrated ability in the game, concussive blast. Like her rocket launcher it’s extremely versatile, allowing you to knock back enemies. This is amazing for Lijiang Tower at the Garden stage, as the enemy team must cross over a bridge to reach the control point. I can’t count how many times I have used Jump Jet then shot out my concussive blast onto the bridge, and knocked off an enemy or two. This tactic can also be implemented on maps like Ilios at the Lighthouse stage, or anywhere with areas your opponents can be knocked off. The ability can also be used to move faster, as you can shoot it next to a wall and propel yourself forward, then activate Jump Jet to travel a massive distance.


We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of the “justice, rains from above!” team kills of Pharah’s ultimate ability, but in reality that is very unlikely. You will normally be shot out of the sky if trying to take on a whole team. What I recommend doing is going on a flank then activating your ultimate from behind. This means it will take them longer to start shooting at you, meaning you will be able to squeeze off more rockets. I recommend focus firing on non-tank characters, especially Mercy – if she’s present – to prevent a Res. Another way to utilize the ultimate is by using it on only one or two characters. It may seem useless but if there are only two people left on an objective or a tank that is stalling for his team to get back, then you might as well take them out in order to push up instead of waiting for a play of the game opportunity.


Overall Pharah’s versatility makes her my favourite Overwatch character, and one that should be mandatory to learn. Her slow travel rockets and variety of tactics make her one that will take a long time to fully master. For instance you can have a Mercy hook onto you as you fly around the map, swapping between healing and damage streams as need be. I hope you learnt something about the blue bombshell, and that you’ll be using her in the future.


Overwatch Character Guide: Pharah

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