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Nintendo announces the ‘Switch’

Nintendo have just dropped a huge bomb today by releasing a 3 minute video anouncing their new handheld, portable,customizable, invisible iPad... I mean 'switch'.

Everyone is super excited today apart from the generic trolls and legions of PC and console warriors ready to bash the new console into Oblivion, and I personally don’t know how to feel about it. On one hand I am impressed by the sleek look and fresh design but on the other hand I have been burnt by Nintendo many times before (Wii U I’m looking at you bro). Two things grabbed my attention throughout the whole video. The first was the attention to the controller(s), Nintendo seem to have stuck to their ethos on making their games and hardware accessable to all demographics (Kids, Adults, Elderly, Pets and Aliens) by allowing for the use of dual wielding for action and RPG games, Wii U style for portable play, ProPad for, what I’m guessing is competetive play and using one side of the controller as a single pad for multiplayer.

The second thing that caught my attention in the video was the focus on multiplayer games and eSports (if you want to call splatoon an eSport). The fact that at one point in the video two consoles were back to back allowing 4 people to play a game of NBA2K17, this could mean the next super generation of Pokemon Go! (imagine a park full of Nintendo Switch users…Crazy) but could also allow Nintendo to do what it does so well and inovate ways to make mulityplayer games more engaging and fun to play. It isn’t quite clear yet how connectivity will work although WIFI would be one of the fundamental options we can expect. As it stands, Splatoon and Smash Brothers are the current eSports titles available on Nintendo’s roster but hopfully Nintendo start pumping out some fresh IP’s (games) that will not only be a nice break from current competitive games but may even be sitting on the next ‘League Of Legends’.

With a ‘March 2017’ release date, more information will be sure to follow soon. With a robust list of partners, The ‘Switch’ is looking to be the first serious contender in the current day console wars. Looking past the stratgic placment of the new Zelda game and what looks like ‘Skyrim: Nintendo Edition’ I have convinced myself during writing this article that I am indeed excited for the new console as long as the price point is reasonable (keeping in mind PS4 is currently £150 new) I recommend £199.99 RRP for standard and £256.99 for a game and digital deluxe edition. 

A list of functuallty I would like to see from Nintendo’s new shining star would be: Backwards Compatablitiy, Simple UI, MII Interaction, Social Media Intergration, Open Friends lists, less Micro-Transaction and third party device intergration.

Nintendo announces the ‘Switch’

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