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Mountain Dew League

ESEA partners up wit Mountain Dew to provide an online league for up and coming CS:GO talent.

For years Mountain Dew has been most closely associated with other brands such as Doritos and MLG, but for now they are forging a new image for themselves with the Mountain Dew League in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The sole purpose of the Mountain Dew League (MDL) is to provide up and coming teams around the world a chance to relegate professional teams in their regional ESL Pro leagues. Organized by the E-Sports Entertainment Association League (ESEA), the Mountain Dew League has some pedigree to rely on for organization.

ESEA has decided to integrate the MDL into their current CS:GO pro season as the 23rd season premiere and the online season will culminate into an eight team “Global Challenge LAN.” According to ESEA, Mountain Dew has helped them expand the premier division to 24 teams and to create a last chance qualifier for teams to make it into the league.

Some of the notable teams competing in the premier league worldwide include: Team Kaliber, Team SoloMid, Denial eSports, Luminosity Gaming, Team LDLC, BX3CSGO, Epsilon, Rogue gg, VwS Gaming, and Supremacy.

The biggest event in the League obviously is the LAN which will feature: two teams from North America, two teams from Europe, one team from Brazil, one team from Australia, one team from Asia, and one team from South Africa.

While a definite schedule for the league and when matches will be played has yet to be announced, I cannot help but feel hyped for this new step forward for CS:GO. There are a lot of top quality teams and organizations participating in this league, and Mountain Dew has done an admirable job of promoting it via their Twitter and website featuring tips from pros such as Tarik (OpTic Gaming). 
Thanks for reading this article and comment below if you will be playing or watching the MDL! 

Ezekiel Carsella

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Mountain Dew League

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