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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Wildcard Round TOTW Update

By January 10, 2017
The Wildcard Round of the NFL Playoffs has wrapped up, so who made Madden 17's Ultimate Team Team of the Week?

The first round of the NFL Playoffs have been and gone and, though the games may not have been the best matchups, they produced plenty of standout performers. As they did throughout the regular season, EA Sports have updated the Madden Ultimate Team Database with some of those performers in their Team of the Week program. So who made it from Wildcard weekend?

It should come as no surprise that the Steelers offense has produced one of this week’s star performers. WR Antonio Brown lit up the Dolphins and is this weeks Limited Time Hero. This 95 Overall version of him has 92 Speed (SPD), 94 Agility (AGI), 93 Acceleration (ACC), 83 Jumping (JMP), 95 Stamina (STA), 93 Catching (CTH), 95 Route Running (RTE), 92 Catch in Traffic (CIT), 92 Spectacular Catch (SPC), 91 Release (RLS), 92 Elusiveness (ELU), 91 Ball Carrier Vision (BCV), 83 Spin Move (SPM), 92 Juke Move (JKM), 77 Carrying (CAR) and 96 Kick Return (KR). As you can tell, he is a nightmare to defend, but he will cost you around 456,000 Coins on Xbox One and 550,000 Coins on PS4.

This week’s Offensive Hero is Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb. This version of Cobb has 92 SPD, 95 AGI, 93 ACC, 87 JMP, 90 STA, 87 CTH, 90 RTE, 92 CIT, 90 SPC, 85 RLS, 93 ELU, 91 BCV, 89 SPM, 93 JKM, 87 CAR and 92 KR. All in all, this version of Cobb is really not that different from this week’s version of Antonio Brown. He is similar in stature and skills, the only real difference is that he is a lot cheaper. Instead of costing upwards of 400,000 Coins, this version of Cobb costs around 86,000 Coins on Xbox One and 91,000 Coins on PS4.

This week’s Defensive Hero is Pittsburgh Steelers MLB Lawrence Timmons who had a big role in the Steelers dismantling of the Dolphins. As a result he has been awarded a card that has 84 SPD, 82 STR, 85 AGI, 89 ACC, 87 JMP, 91 STA, 93 Tackling (TAK), 94 Hit Power (POW), 88 Power Moves (PWM), 89 Finesse Moves (FNM), 89 Block Shedding (BKS), 91 Pursuit (PUR) and 93 Play Recognition (PRC). He is a rock in the middle of the defense and can even excel as a 3-4 OLB. He isn’t as good in coverage though, as he has just 63 Man Coverage (MCV) and 69 Zone Coverage (ZCV) and 68 Press (PRS). He is going to cost around 84,000 Coins on Xbox One and 91,500 Coins on PS4.

The other four Elite Wildcard players are Seattle Seahawks RB Thomas Rawls, Seattle Seahawks RE Cliff Avril, Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams and Green Bay Packers MLB Jake Ryan.

Unlike the regular season, there won’t be any Gold TOTW Players.

As always, these players can be found in Packs, the Auction House and can be used/acquired from Sets. Here are those Sets:

  • Wildcard: Randall Cobb

Add the 4 Wildcard Round Elite Players (Thomas Rawls, Cliff Avril, Davante Adams and Jake Ryan) to earn a 93 Overall WR Randall Cobb.

  • Wildcard: Lawrence Timmons

Add the 4 Wildcard Elite Players to earn a 93 Overall MLB Lawrence Timmons. 

What do you think of the Wildcard Round’s TOTW players? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Wildcard: Lawrence Timmons

Add the 4 Elite Week 17 Players to earn a 93 Overall MLB Lawrence Timmons. 

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