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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Week 17 TOTW Update

Week 17 of the NFL has wrapped up, so who made Madden 17's Ultimate Team Team of the Week?

The NFL’s regular season wrapped up on Sunday night as 20 teams said goodbye to meaningful football for another 8 months. As a result, plenty of players left it all out on the field as they looked to end the season on a high note. Of those players, who impressed EA Games enough to find their way onto Madden NFL 17’s Ultimate Team Week 17 Team of the Week?

Instead of the usual one Limited Time Hero, EA has made two players Limited Time Hero’s and they are both tributes to players who played their final games this weekend, Steve Smith Sr. and Robert Mathis.

First up is legendary Panthers and Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr., who now has an amazing 94 Overall card. He has 91 Speed (SPD), 90 Agility (AGI), 90 Acceleration (ACC), 94 Stamina (STA), 87 Jumping (JMP), 92 Catching (CTH), 91 Route Running (RTE), 94 Catch in Traffic (CIT), 91 Spectacular Catch (SPC), 86 Release (RLS), 90 Elusiveness (ELU), 91 Ball Carrier Vision (BCV), 90 Stiff Arm (SFA), 90 Spin Move (SPM), 90 Juke Move (JKM), 72 Carrying (CAR) and he even has 90 Kick Return (KR). He is pretty much as complete as you would want. Now, don’t be fooled by his lack of size. Though he is only 5’9”, he has a knack from coming down with the football. However, getting a player this good comes at a price. He will cost around 321,000 Coins on Xbox One and around 435,000 Coins on PS4.

Next up is Indianapolis Colts ROLB Robert Mathis, who is also being commemorated with a 94 Overall card. If you’re looking for a 3-4 OLB then look no further. This version of Mathis has 85 SPD, 86 Strength (STR), 87 AGI, 89 ACC, 75 JMP, 88 STA, 89 Tackling (TAK), 87 Hit Power (POW), 85 Power Moves (PWR), 94 Finesse Moves (FNM), 90 Block Shedding (BKS), 95 Pursuit (PUR) and 93 Play Recognition (PRC). As you can see then, as a pass rusher and when taking on offensive lineman and blockers he is a beast, but he won’t be quite as good as a 4-3 linebacker as his Man Coverage (MCV) is only 62 and his Zone Coverage (ZCV) is only 69. Nevertheless, he’d be an excellent asset to your defensive front-7. He is going to cost around 250,000 Coins on Xbox One and 226,000 Coins on PS4.

This week’s Offensive Hero is Patriots WR Julian Edelman. This version of Edelman is the ultimate Slot/Possession receiver your team needs. He has 89 SPD, 93 AGI, 91 ACC, 84 JMP, 93 STA, 92 CTH, 94 RTE, 91 CIT, 87 SPC, 85 RLS, 89 ELU, 90 BCV, 80 SPM, 89 JKM, 78 CAR and 90 KR. He isn’t the most versatile receiver you can get, but as I alluded to earlier, he is a matchup nightmare in the slot and will be very effective on must-convert situations. He will cost around 107,000 Coins on Xbox One and 114,000 Coins on PS4.

This week’s Defensive Hero is Tennessee Titans RE Jurrell Casey. Like Mathis, Casey is best suited to being a 3-4 RE. Though he’ll be fine as a RE in a 4-3 defense, he is better suited to playing 4-3 DT. He has 75 SPD, 92 STR, 74 AGI, 82 ACC, 90 STA, 92 TAK, 89 POW, 95 PWR, 85 FNM, 93 BKS, 90 PUR and 90 PRC. This means he is an immovable object against the run and a very disruptive interior pass rusher. He is going to cost around 110,000 Coins on Xbox One and 121,000 Coins on PS4.

The other 4 Week 17 Elite Players are Tampa Bay Buccaneers SS Keith Tandy, Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz, Tennessee Titans WR Rishard Matthews and Philadelphia Eagles MLB Jordan Hicks.

The 4 Gold Week 17 Players are Arizona Cardinals CB Justin Bethal, Cincinnati Bengals RB Rex Burkhead, Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Adam Humphries and Arizona Cardinals LOLB Markus Golden.

As always, these players can be found in Packs, in Solo Challenges or from the Auction House. The Elite Players and the Offensive and Defensive Hero’s can be found in Sets:

  • Week 17: Julian Edelman

Add the 4 Elite Week 17 Players (Jordan Hicks, Rishard Matthews, Zach Ertz and Keith Tandy) to earn a 93 Overall WR Julian Edelman

  • Week 17: Jurrell Casey

Add the 4 Elite Week 17 Players to earn a 93 Overall RE Jurrell Casey.

  • Week 17: TOTW Upgrade

Add the 4 Gold Week 17 Players (Markus Golden, Adam Humphries, Rex Burkhead and Justin Bethal) to earn a random Elite Week 17 Player.

So what do you think of the final Madden 17 Ultimate Team Week 17 Team of the Week? Let us know in the comments!

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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Week 17 TOTW Update

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