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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Week 14 TOTW Update

Week 14 saw plenty of standout performances, so who has EA decided to put in the team of the week?

Week 14 wasn’t the best week of action as far as the NFL is concerned, but that didn’t stop some players having great games. So, who does EA think deserves a spot on their Week 14 Team of the Week?

This week’s Limited Time hero is Green Bay Packers offensive hero Aaron Rodgers. He absolutely shredded the Thomas-less Earl Thomas and EA have rewarded him. He is 94 Overall thanks to his all-round world-beating ratings. He has 82 Speed (SPD), 82 Agility (AGI), 83 Acceleration (ACC), 94 Throw Power (THP), 93 Throw Accuracy Short (TAS), 93 Throw Accuracy Medium (TAM), 90 Throw Accuracy Deep (TAD), 93 Throw on the run (TOR) and 94 Play Action (PAC). He is as good a QB as you can ask for. He can found in Packs or bought in the Auction House for around 775,000 Coins on the Xbox One and around 832,000 Coins on PS4.

This week’s Offensive Hero is Redskins WR DeSean Jackson who had 102 receiving yards against his former team. Most of those yards came on one play, so as you would expect he is a beats when it comes to deep passes. He has 93 SPD, 95 AGI, 94 ACC, 87 Jumping (JMP), 91 Catching (CTH), 92 Route Running (RTE), 85 Catch in Traffic (CIT), 93 Spectacular Catch (SPC) and 83 Release (RLS). He is great after the catch too and he is a very good kick returner, so he is an excellent WR1 for your team. He can be found in Packs, bought from the Auction House or earned from Sets. He will cost around 150,000 Coins on Xbox One and 167,000 Coins on PS4.

This week’s Defensive Hero is Flacons LE Vic Beasley, who single handily ruined the Rams offense. He had 3 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery return for a touchdown. As a result, this 92 overall version of him is a bat of the edge. He has 89 SPD, 89 Strength (STR), 87 AGI, 90 ACC, 93 JMP, 83 Tackle (TAK), 92 Hit Power (POW), 83 Power Moves (PWM), 93 Finesse Moves (FNM), 85 Block Shedding (BKS), 88 Pursuit (PUR) and 84 Play Recognition (PRC). He even has 68 Man Coverage and 75 Zone Coverage so would make a great Outside Linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. He can, like Jackson, be found in Packs, the Auction House or in Sets, but he will cost around 149,000 Coins on Xbox One and 164,000 Coins of PS4.

The other 4 Elite Week 14 Players are Redskins MLB Mason Foster, Bengals TE Tyler Eifert, Packers CB Damarious Randall and Jets RB Bilal Powell.

The 4 Gold Week 14 Players are Steelers LOLB Bud Dupree, Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph, Dolphins WR Kenny Stills and Giants LE Romeo Okwara.

As always, the Offensive Hero and the Defensive Hero can be found in Sets, as can any of the other Elite Players. Her are those Sets:

  • Week 14: DeSean Jackson

Add the 4 Elite Week 14 Players (Mason Foster, Tyer Eifert, Damarious Randall and Bilal Powell) to earn a 92 Overall WR DeSean Jackson. 

  • Week 14: Vic Beasley

Add the 4 Elite Week 14 Players to earn a 92 Overall LE Vic Beasley. 

  • Week 14: TOTW Upgrade

Add the 4 Gold Week 14 Players (Bud Dupree, Kyle Rudolph, Kenny Stills and Romeo Okwara) to earn a random Elite Week 14 Player. 

What do you think of this Team of the Week? Let us know in the comments!

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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Week 14 TOTW Update

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