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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Week 11 TOTW Update

Week 11 of the NFL season has been and gone, so who has EA Sports picked to be in this weeks Madden Team of the Week?

Week 11 of the NFL season has been and gone and there were a number of good games and plenty of standout performances league wide, so who has EA Sports picked to be in this weeks Madden Team of the Week?

For a limited time you will be able to get a 93 Overall Xavier Rhodes in Packs, and if you do get him then you have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. He has 92 Speed (SPD), 92 Agility (AGI), 93 Acceleration (ACC) and 95 Jumping (JMP), so he can outrun and out jump most wide receivers. He has 89 Man Coverage (MCV), 91 Zone Coverage (ZCV), 94 Press (PRS), 86 Play Recognition (PRC) and 82 Pursuit (PUR) so he will be stuck to every receiver but is more than capable of making up ground and tracking down ball carriers.

Week 11’s Offensive Hero is Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins who played superbly in the Redskins big win over the Green Bay Packers. As a passer he is pretty flawless. He has 90 Throwing Power (THP), 92 Throw Accuracy Short (TAS), 92 Throw Accuracy Medium (TAM), 89 Throw Accuracy Deep (TAD), 87 Throw on the Run (TOR) and 93 Play Action (PAC). He can put the ball anywhere, on the money. He is no slouch if you need to scramble. He has 78 SPD and 85 ACC so is more than capable of taking off for a short touchdown or a first down when he is needed to.

Week 11’s Defensive Hero is New York Giants LE Jason Pierre-Paul. What is great about this version of Pierre-Paul is his strength against the run and as a pass rusher. He has 83 SPD, 88 Strength (STR), 87 ACC and 90 Stamina (STA). This means he has great burst off the edge in passing situations but against the run he is strong enough I stand up and hold the edge. He also has the stamina to play every down. His skills are off the charts. He has 94 Tackling (TAK), 91 Hit Power (POW), 71 Power Moves (PWM), 93 Finesse Moves (FNM), 85 Block Shedding (BKS), 92 PUR and 90 PRC. If you get him the left side of your defense will be incredibly hard to get past.

The four Week 11 Elite Players are: Bills CB Stephon Gilmore, Patriots WR Julian Edelman, Redskins RB Robert Kelley and Colts MLB D’Qwell Jackson.

The four Week 11 Gold Players are: Dolphins WR DeVante Parker, Steelers DT Javon Hargrave, Lions FS Rafael Bush and Giants RB Rashad Jennings.

As always, these players are available in Packs, in the Auction House and of course in the Weekly TOTW Sets:

  • Week 11: Kirk Cousins

Add the 4 Eite Week 11 Players (Stephon Gillmore, Julian Edelman, Robert Kelley and D’Qwell Jackson) to earn a 91 Overall QB Kirk Cousins. 

  • Week 11: Jason Pierre-Paul

Add the 4 Elite Week 11 Players to earn a 91 Overall LE Jason Pierre-Paul.

  • Week 11: TOTW Upgrade

Add the 4 Gold Week 11 Players (Rashad Jennings, Rafael Bush, Javon Hargrave and DeVante Parker) to earn a random Elite Week 11 Player.

Who do you think should’ve been in the TOTW this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Week 11 TOTW Update

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