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Madden 16 Playoff Preview: Seahawks @ Panthers

NFC Divisional Game #2 Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers, Sunday January 17th, 1:05pm EST



This is such an intriguing match-up which showcases two of the league’s best young QBs. Seattle comes fresh off their win over Minnesota in the modern day version of the ice bowl. Cam Newton and the Panthers come into this one 15-1 holding the best record in the NFL and the top spot in the playoffs. It’s now time for Cam to make his mark on the playoffs and begin his legacy as one of the league’s best quarterbacks.


The Seahawks began the game with the ball but boy did the Panthers Defense come to play. Eager to get the ball in the hands of their star QB Cam Newton, the Carolina D forced a 3 and out drive and set up their main man. A scoreless first quarter saw the second begin with Carolina on the attack. Another defensive battle of a quarter led to a final minute offensive push by Carolina. Cam Newton ran the ball on a 3rd down situation for 18 yards but got stuffed at the one yard line setting up a goal-line situation. Their first two attempts were unsuccessful with one run and one pass. On 3rd and goal from the 3 yard line, the offense was stuffed yet again and forced to take the chip shot field goal. No worries for Graham Gano who knocked the ball through the uprights for a 3-0 lead at the half. Once again the third quarter was a defensive bloxk with neither offense able to move the ball. Another scoreless quarter set up some drama in the fourth. It all came down to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks O. On 4th and 14 from the 34 yard line, the Seahawks set up a 51 yard field goal as time expired. The snap, the hold, the kick, was GOOD! 3-3 into overtime to decide who made it to the NFC Championship game. The ever important coin toss was won by the Panthers and they elected to receive. Cam Newton took the field but like much of this one, was unable to move the ball. Now it was Russell Wilson’s turn. Wilson took little time to move the ball down the field highlighted by a 53 yard run to set up a game winning touchdown pass to seal the deal. Madden 16 predicts that the Seahawks will advance over the Carolina Panthers to the NFC Championship Game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTQUvPpv-7U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5JSEwch880  

Final Result

Seattle Seahawks (9) @ Carolina Panthers (3)  

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Madden 16 Playoff Preview: Seahawks @ Panthers

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