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Luminosity picks up ex-Rise Nation roster

Luminosity has announced the signing of the three ex-Rise Nation players.

Image courtesy of Luminosity Gaming

After three of the four Rise Nation players left the team, Luminosity has announced today that they have picked them up.

The trio of Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry, Sam ‘Octane’ Larew and Nicholas ‘Classic’ Di Costanzo will be joining current Luminosity player Renato ‘Saints’Forza. The ex-Luminosity players, Jeremy ‘Studyy’ Astacio, Michael ‘Spacely’ Schmale and Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler, have been with Luminosity since they jumped into Call of Duty, back in Black Ops 3.

They played their first event at MLG Anaheim in June, placing fifth/sixth and played their final event together at CoD XP 2016 in September, placing ninth/12th.

Luminosity has announced in their official statement, stating that they will help the three players find a spot on another team and will still pay them in the meantime – like the good guys they are.

“Effective immediately, Spacely, Studyy, and Nameless are considered free agents and can explore their options.  While they transition to their new home, Luminosity will continue to pay their salary and provide assistance where needed in their search.  All three of them have been nothing but professional since joining LG and always represented the organization to the best of their ability.  

They are a passionate, talented group and will be a great addition to any team.  They have a special place in our hearts. They will always be a part of the LG family and we remain on good terms.  As an organization we wish them nothing but the best, and will support them in any way we can.  Anyone interested in signing them can contact [email protected] and we can put you in touch.  Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to them directly, if you have their contact information.“

The Luminosity Call of Duty roster now consists of:


  • USA Renato ‘Saints’ Forza
  • USA Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry
  • USA Sam ‘Octane’ Larew
  • USA Nicholas ‘Classic’ Di Costanzo


Luminosity picks up ex-Rise Nation roster

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