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LoL NA LCS: Way Too Early Rankings

Previewing the LoL NA LCS 2017 Spring Split Teams.

Now that the 2016 Summer Split has ended, relegation has been settled, and the World Championship stage has been set there isn’t too much going on in the North American LoL scene. So what we’re going to do here is preview the teams for this upcoming split. We realize it is way too early to make any predictions with much substance, but hey what fun are rankings if you don’t make some outlandish predictions. We’ll be ranking the set to participate in the split immediately after Worlds.

1. Team Solo Mid
No surprise here, and no outlandish prediction either. There is no need. TSM has been the giant of North America since League of Legends took the eSports scene by storm. They’ve got the biggest fan base and for good reason. They’re the reigning champions, they have won the LCS title 4 times and have competed in all 8 championships. Don’t be surprised if they head back into the championship this coming split. They have a completely new roster from when they first started and have remained just as dominant. The star power of Bjergsen and Doublelift will be hard to combat by even the elite teams in the LCS.

2. Cloud9
Another predictable placement. Cloud 9 has been right on TSM’s tail since they first entered the LCS back in 2013. They’ve won 2 titles themselves and are led by C9 originals Meteos and Sneaky. They just earned their spot in this year’s World Championships by edging out Immortals in the regional qualifiers. Earning second place in last split, and low chances of winning at Worlds you can bet they’ll enter the split fired up to achieve more than the previous year. It’s nearly impossible to knock off a giant in the LCS, and Cloud9 are no exception.

3. Counter Logic Gaming
Last titan of the LCS. CLG has been in the LCS since its commencement and although they have only recently begun to see a high level success, they have been one of the top teams and a legitimate rival to TSM. As the third team that will be representing North America in worlds, they are the rightful heir to the bronze of these power rankings. Fan favorite and team shot caller Aphromoo is a great leader that breeds consistency on this team. Look for them to have a better regular season this up coming split.

4. Immortals
Same story for this inexperienced roster this split as the last. Impeccable regular season, and a nose dive in the playoffs. They have to find that postseason success if they’re going to climb the rankings in the LCS. They lost their first opportunity at the world stage after losing to their experienced counter parts of Cloud9 in the regional qualifier. Regardless, they still have a young and strong roster full of talent. They may not be able to the best the pillars of the LCS, but they sure can hold their own against them. And who knows, maybe with some hard work this coming split could be theirs. 

5. Cloud9 Challenger
Well, here is your outlandish prediction. The newly promoted team hits the ground running in the LCS and jumps into the top half of the league. Of course you think it’s outlandish since the promoted teams generally struggle in their first split but then you look at the roster and think “Is this really that outlandish of a prediction?” These guys aren’t exactly new to the LCS scene with the exception of jungler Contractz. They have got 3 members of the original Cloud9 in Balls, Hai, and LemonNation. These guys are known to be absolutely dominant when together on the rift; and marksman Altec is no rookie either as he’s played several splits in the LCS for a few teams. Look for them to make a big splash this coming split

6. Team Envy
They haven’t been the most impressive but they gave a decently strong outing in the first round of the regional qualifier by sweeping Team Liquid. Coming off a below .500 regular season this split, they’ll be looking to bounce back from their underwhelming performance. There doesn’t seem to be much synergy or experience on this roster so a few front office moves might be necessary to create a winning team but only time can tell. 

7. Team Liquid
They pulled of a very average regular season this last split by winning half of their games and losing the other half. The regional qualifier didn’t have much better results. In fact they moved backwards. They were swept in the opening round by Team Envy who had even less success than them this last split. Veteran coach Locodoco needs to find a more effective strategy to see his team compete in the LCS. If this kind of performance keeps up we might see them devolve back into Team Curse.

8. Apex 
For their sake, I hope they haven’t hit the Apex of their gaming. This team has a long list of names on their roster. Plenty of which are familiar to the LCS, including head coach SaintVicious. They need to find the right combination of players to optimize their roster on the rift. Plenty of big name players are available to them but they still haven’t been able to find success. We can forgive them as it was only their first split in the LCS, but don’t expect a huge change in the next one. They’ve got the talent to compete, they just need to find the execution to pair it with.

9. Phoenix1
These guys resurrected from Team Impulse and they seem to have no pulse. They earned an abysmal 5 wins in the summer split. They were fortunate to play the one team worse than them in the opening round of the Promotion (or in their case Relegation) tournament to stay in the LCS. We’ve yet to see anything impressive and don’t plan on doing so in the next split.

10. Echo Fox
What a wonder this team is. They play awful all split, rack up a grand total of one win, finish at the bottom of the standings, and still manage to avoid relegation. They beat out NRG Esports for the opportunity to stay in the LCS, but we’re not quite sure how much they can do with that, nor how long it will last. They’ve been the victims of a few strange situations even providing the LCS’s first forfeit. They got their roster issues straightened out since then, but it didn’t do much. They’ll need more than just Froggen to even stand a chance at second to last place. Maybe this team should focus less on their celebrity athlete ownership and endorsement and more on rift mechanics if they want to remain a team.

There you have it folks. The LoL NA LCS power rankings pre-Worlds and post-LCS Championship. Disagree with any of the rankings. Please do tell in the comments below how you would rank them.

LoL NA LCS: Way Too Early Rankings

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