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LoL Guide: Custom Settings

A quick guide on League of Legends settings.

League of Legends Guide: Custom Settings

One of the nicest things about League of Legends is that it allows each player to bend a large portion of the settings and make each individual experience more comfortable for everyone. Some people forget that LoL offers this wonderful opportunity and often just play with the default settings. While this may work for some, the more in tune you are with your settings, the more comfortable you will be in game. I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots of my settings for you guys, and will then explain what the most important ones mean.

The first page of Options is arguably the most important because it’s where you mark if you want to Quick Cast your spells or not. I recommend Quick Casting all of your spells except for your ultimate, which you change from champ to champ. I usually Quick Cast my ultimate when it’s a targeted ultimate like Syndra or Caitlyn, but I don’t Quick Cast aimed projectiles like Ezreal’s and Jhin’s ultimates. This is a personal preference option of course, but I’ve accidentally cast my ultimate at times where I didn’t need to, and not Quick Casting a projectile can help eliminate that problem.

The second main page of Options has to do with video graphics, so this is a very important page. Make sure you always play in fullscreen, as it comes with the least amount of distractions and enhances the gaming experience. Play at the highest resolution your computer allows because you can see things clearer than if you were playing at a lower quality. Now for the video setting, I play with everything at very high. As I was researching for this guide, I found that it’s actually best to have shadows low or off. Of course, it all falls into what you feel comfortable with, but it makes sense. Shadows can get distracting and there’s no reason to get hit by something just because you didn’t see it due to an in-game shadow. Character inking is important because it outlines the champions and keeps them from kind of melding into the map.

The final part of the video options is the frame rate. I recommend going with uncapped because it allows for smoother gameplay. Now for anti-aliasing and vertical sync, ALWAYS play with these off. Having them on will make the game lag and will make you play slightly behind everyone else within the game. It puts you at a major disadvantage, so just don’t do it.

I’m skipping the Sound tab because it doesn’t really matter when it comes down to gameplay, but go ahead and mess around with it if you feel the need. Alright, the interface tab is all about how the game’s details and design look and feel when you use it. I have my HUD scale set to only 25 because it gets in the way sometimes, and the more screen space, the more aware I can be. The chat scale doesn’t matter too much because it disappears, but the Map Scale should always be at 100. The map is incredibly important, so you want to be able to see it at all times. When it comes to these other options, make sure you have them set exactly like mine. Obviously you need to see your health bar when you’re disabled, but HUD animations get distracting.

Now the final set of settings is the Game tab. This one is all about what you feel comfortable with. The one I do recommend you set the same as me is the mouse setting, as 50 is the most accurate the game will accomplish when you move your mouse. If you want to change mouse settings, do it in the driver of the mouse and not in LoL. The rest of these are purely up to you, but I will say that one of the more controversial ones is auto attack. For the longest time, I had my auto attack set to off because I thought it interfered with my farming. Now I have it on because I know all I have to do is move around and it doesn’t mess with my farming. Play with both to see which one is right for you.

That’s it for this League of Legends guide. For everything eSports, visit RealSport on the daily. 

Cameron Tennyson

I study Communication at UC San Diego with the hopes of becoming a journalist one day. In my free time, I write short stories and play League of Legends.

LoL Guide: Custom Settings

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