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LoL EU LCS Semifinal Preview: Splyce vs H2k

Previewing the semifinal match between Splyce and H2k.

Last week’s quarterfinal action showed how insane the end of the EU LCS playoffs are going to be. Even though Unicorns of Love won pretty handily against Giants Gaming, the real story was H2k sweeping Fnatic in what has to be H2k’s greatest performance of the season. Having FORG1VENGRE back on their roster is a gift for both the player and H2k, as his time at Origen was seemingly wasted. Now that he’s back home, the team can reach its full championship-esque potential.

On the other side of the Nexus in this matchup is Splyce, who was definitely the sleeper team until the final couple of weeks. A team that had once struggled against Roccat and Team Vitality was now winning games against G2 eSports and Fnatic, and here they are in the semifinals. Though the team is young, their teamwork is on par with more experienced teams like H2k and G2, but Splyce has a little extra up their sleeve. While other teams like to stick to the meta, Splyce will throw in a special pick here or there to mess with the opponents. Though the road hasn’t been easy, Splyce is now a serious contender for the EU LCS Championship.


Both of these teams have several strong points and weaknesses when it comes to certain lanes and positions. The most important matchup in the H2k vs Splyce series is in the bot lane. Much of H2k’s recent success has come due to the return of FORG1VENGRE. His aggressive play style on champs like Lucian and Tristana is rare in the EU LCS, and it takes many teams by surprise. Pair that with his insane farming ability, and FORG1VENGRE’s gold by itself makes him someone that needs to be controlled. If he is able to get ahead by even a little bit in the early game, it’s nearly impossible to stop him. Splyce’s Kobbe, on the other hand, has a much more defensive play style. Splyce flourishes in other positions so that Kobbe isn’t as big of a factor to winning as FORG1VENGRE. This being said, Kobbe has to play at the top of his game if he wants to challenge the great H2k ADC. Luckily for Kobbe, his support Mikyx leads the remaining teams in assists (316). For Splyce to win, they don’t necessarily have to dominate lane, or even win it. All they have to do is make sure FORG1VENGRE is contained.

With much of H2k’s success riding on their bot lane, Splyce is counting on midlaner Sencux. Sencux has been playing incredibly well lately, going with picks like LeBlanc and Kassadin. While H2k’s Hyu is just another contributing member to the team, Splyce owes a lot of it’s success to Sencux. His map presence allows for other lanes to get fed, and Sencux rarely loses his own lane. Hyu has been doing well with Vladimir lately, so it would be the perfect time for Sencux to pull out Azir. Since Azir is such a hard carry, Splyce could win the series based off of just this matchup.


Overall, this is going to be the match to watch this weekend. G2 is going to run all over Unicorns of Love, but H2k and Splyce promises to be a close and entertaining match. When it comes to a prediction, my brain tells me that H2k is going to win this matchup; everything about them right now screams championship-winning team. However, my heart tells me that it’s Splyce’s time to shine, and they’re going to win this semifinal and all face G2 in the Finals. So, I’m predicting that it takes all five games, but Splyce is going to come out victorious over H2k.

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LoL EU LCS Semifinal Preview: Splyce vs H2k

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