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LoL EU LCS Championship Preview: G2 vs Splyce

A look at the EU LCS Championship between G2 and Splyce.

The LoL EU LCS Championship is finally here. After a season with many surprises, like Origen being at the bottom of the league and Unicorns of Love placing fourth, we have arrived at the final series of the 2016 Summer Split. EU heavyweight G2 eSports is facing a young and inexperienced Splyce team, so both organizations have something to prove. G2 is definitely the favorite for this championship, but there are some things Splyce can do to make sure they shut down G2. Let’s dive into the individual matchups.

Top Lane: G2’s Expect vs Splyce’s Wunder

The top lane holds the most competitive matchup of the night, as it is the only lane where there is no clear dominant winner. Both players have great mechanics and team fight abilities, so what it may come down to is experience in big games. Wunder hasn’t had too much time playing in such high pressure situation, but what we saw last week against H2k was promising. Of course, G2’s Expect was just a substitute who got thrown into the action once Kikis left the team early in the split. Luckily for G2, Expect has been playing on par with the rest of the league. While he has competed in a Korean LoL Championship, this is his first time playing in an LCS championship, so nerves could kick in.

When it comes to champ select, both players favor the Gnar pick, so it’s possible Gnar could just be banned out. Wunder has found a ton of success on Shen, and it would wise to use him now before he gets nerfed for Worlds. Expect has found success on Gankplank, as he is currently 5-0 with him this season, but Gankplank is pretty much a permaban champ this season. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that we could see a Yasuo pick this championship, as his new bruiser build has found lots of success lately. A Kalista/Alistar with Rek’sai comp would be deadly if a laner did in fact choose Yasuo, so we shall see.

If I had to choose a winner for this lane, I’d say Wunder has the advantage.

Jungle: G2’s Trick vs Splyce’s Trashy

League of Legends is Trick’s game, and everyone else is just playing in it. G2’s Trick was by far the most dominate player in the EU LCS this year, and no other player even got close. I remember writing in Week Two that the key to beating G2 was to take away Trick’s Kindred. No one banned Kindred, and Trick controlled every single game. Unfortunately for Trick, Kindred has been nerfed to the ground, but it doesn’t seem to matter too much. After Kindred was no longer a viable pick, Trick started playing Elise. Then he started playing Gragas. And guess what? He hasn’t lost a single match with either of them. Trick is 12-0 with those two champions, which is unheard of in this league. Usually, a team can ban a champion that the other team is dominant with so they won’t have to play against said champion. Splyce can’t do that, because Trick is dominant with every single champ that he picks.

When it comes to Trashy, his main goal is to not let Trick get too far ahead. It’s inevitable that Trick is going to rule the jungle, so Trashy just has to make sure he doesn’t make any big mistakes that allow Trick to take advantage of Splyce. The main key for Trashy is vision. Trick seems to be everywhere on the map at the same time, so keeping track of where he is plays a huge role in deciding if Splyce has a chance to win this championship.

Mid Lane: G2’s Perkz vs Splyce’s Sencux

If there’s one matchup that Splyce has an advantage on, it’s this midlane matchup of Perkz vs Sencux. Perkz is probably the weakest link on G2, although being the worst on G2 still means you’re one of the best in the league. However, it seems like the lane should be a win for Sencux. Perkz has found most of his success on Azir, who has recently been nerfed out of competitive viability. While Sencux has also done well with Azir this season, he’s recently found out that he plays a pretty great Malzahar. Perkz’s second most used champ is Ryze, who had a major rework a couple of weeks ago. If anything was to go the way of Perkz, it would be capitalizing on the fact that players still have trouble knowing how to play against Ryze, since much of his new kit is focused on team fighting and engage/disengage. It will be a good matchup, but Sencux will ultimately be the one who own the middle lane.

Bot Lane: G2’s Zven and mithy vs Splyce’s Kobbe and Mikyx

Along with the top lane, this is going to be one of the most entertaining lanes to watch for the series. The famed Zven and mithy bot lane dominated with Origen last year, and they now find themselves in the Finals again, except they’re with G2 this time. There’s really no equivalent for a bot lane duo in terms of experience and chemistry. Sven and mithy are inseparable… well almost. See, that’s actually the key for Splyce: they have to find a way to isolate Zven from mithy. Zven is a huge fan of Sivir, a champion whose only escape lies in her ultimate. With the help of Trashy, Kobbe and Mikyx can overpower G2’s bot lane and secure a victory. Of course, this means that Trick will have to get involved, so Splyce does have to aire on the side of caution.

The main difference between these two teams is the play style of each ADC. Kobbe is a huge fan of mobile ADC’s like Ezreal and Lucian while Zven prefers to play champions like Jhin and Sivir, who have less utility but deal more damage. When it comes to the advantage, I have to give it to Zven and mithy. Zven is hands down the best ADC in EU right now, and his support mithy plays a huge part of that success.

Conclusion and Prediction

This is a heck of a matchup, but at the end of the day, the better team is going to win, and that team is G2 eSport’s. Splyce has had a great season, especially seeing as how they were almost demoted out of the EU LCS last split. But ultimately, this is G2’s to lose. G2 will win it all in four games.

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LoL EU LCS Championship Preview: G2 vs Splyce

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