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Worlds 2017: Five Questions for G2 Esports

G2 Esports surged through the Summer Split Playoffs to retain their EU LCS throne, despite looking shaky early on. Here are five questions fans have for Worlds 2017.

This Summer has been a roller coaster for G2 Esports.

The Kings of Europe entered the Summer Split looking untouchable, and while they end it on top in a 3-0 Playoff Final victory, the season that got them there is a cause for concern. What was once the tightest macro team in EU quickly became a team clumsily falling from one mistake to the next.

Still, a banner is a banner, and G2 comes into the World Championship a champion once more.

Here are five questions fans have for the team as they approach the biggest fight of the year.


  1. 1 Why did the meta changes hit so hard?

    G2 Esports has been one of the most consistent organizations to play in the European region, and its longterm success has largely hinged on that consistency. Being consistent in League of Legends means adapting to new patches, and new metas. 

    But that seemed to fall through the cracks this Summer. 

    G2 struggled immensely in spikes during the Summer Split, and it showed in its international performances as well. The team struggled to find its place in the meta and consistently fell to inferior teams in the process. 

    The fans want to know, is that failure to adjust something to fear entering the 2017 World Championship? 

  2. 2 Which Perkz will we see?

    Perkz has a damn bright future ahead of him as one of (if not the) best mid laners in Europe, though it's a very contentious category. He's proven how strong he is as a player in the Summer Split Playoffs, and in plenty performances before it. The problem? We've also seen some incredible lows from him this Split.

    At times Perkz looks bullet-proof, and others he's tripping over shoelaces. While the team's firepower came together to survive these missteps in the Summer Split, weaknesses can't be afforded against the best in the world. 

    So the fans want to know, which Perkz will we see in the 2017 World Championship?

  3. 3 Can G2 survive top LCK and LMS teams?

    Group Draw certainly has winners and losers, though it sometimes can be deceiving. But make no mistake about it, while G2 is a phenomenal squad, their opponents in Group C are a terrifying bunch. G2 came out on the losing end of fortune this time around.

    G2 stare down Royal Never Give Up of the LMS, and Samsung Galaxy of the LCK, as well as the winner of Play-In stage Group C between Kaos Latin Gamers, Fnatic, and Young Generation. It's a bit of a nightmare.

    And while G2 may be in the best form they've been in this Split, to escape this group of death, we might need to see something more from the Kings of Europe. 

    So the fans want to know, can an old dog learn new tricks?

    Does it need to?

  4. 4 Are we in on the Trick?

    Trick has been an enigma for G2 that opponent's seem to figure out better than fans. 

    In G2's shining moments, Trick is a monstrosity out of the jungle that holds together the line for carries to mow down entire teams. The other times, it's the fans that feel Tricked. 

    The same Trick that leaves the 2017 Summer Split with some very subpar stats and performances (including EU LCS' 31st best KDA,) just dispatched H2K's Jankos in a dominant 3-0 beatdown. Perhaps now more than ever, the fans would like to know...

    Who's in on the Trick?

  5. 5 Is G2's late game enough?

    When G2 Esports aren't playing well, their weaknesses are exposed quickly and easily. That weakness is often the early game. The team showed this in its Summer Split performances, but it almost fell short of making its championship climb to victory against Splyce in a nail-biting 3-2 series. The peculiar thing?

    That series didn't have a game end faster than 34 minutes. 

    While G2 showed intense fortitude to survive the trenches of multiple 50+ minute matches in the same series, did Splyce reveal something about the Kings of Europe?

    While making it to the late game will always be the focal point for the G2 camp, the fans want to know, is G2's late game presence enough to survive Group C? 

    Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below!

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Worlds 2017: Five Questions for G2 Esports

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