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W6D5 LCK: SKT vs KT Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

SKT vs KT! LCK powerhouses clash in a series that’s been dubbed the preview of 2017 Worlds finals! Who will win?

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SKT are almost impeccable. With an incredibly stacked roster, they enjoy quite a bit of success in the early game. But it’s the mid game where the SKT machine comes into full swing and starts taking objectives left, right, and center.

In a surprising turn of events, KT have put a lot of emphasis on their early game. This tactic has paid off, as the team is ready to exploit even the smallest of windows to get their snowball going. And when they reach that stage, KT are nigh unstoppable.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: Huni is shaping up to be a monster top laner on the SKT lineup. Holding a 6.3 KDA and 9.2 CS per minute, he’s excellent on tanks but his best performances come on carries where Huni can single-handedly turn around a losing team fight. KT Smeb has also done quite a bit of work in his games. With a 3.6 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, Smeb has paved the road for KT’s success with his crisp mechanical play and clutch Teleports. Even so, Huni is—ever so slightly—the more impactful top laner.

Jungle Matchup: SKT’s Peanut and Blank are both incredible junglers. Sporting a 5.3 KDA and 5 CS per minute, Peanut is the sword of SKT that’s ready to cut down their enemies with relentless aggression. And his teammate, Blank (8.6 KDA and 4.7 CS per minute over 4 games), is the shield that’s always there to cover his solo laners. But both of them are no match for the force of nature that is KT Score. Holding a 5.4 KDA And 4.8 CS per minute, Score employs a dominant yet measured style that displays close to no openings. A win for KT in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup: It seems that PawN is finally fed up with being the weaker link of kt Rolster. With a 4.9 KDA and 8.8 CS per minute, he’s time and time again shown up on mages. But AD assassins are just as deadly in Pawn’s hands, as evidenced by his stellar play on Zed and Jayce. However, the god of mid lane, SKT Faker, is always one step ahead of him. Sporting a 4.7 KDA and 9.5 CS per minute, Faker is an outstanding lane. But he’s at his best in team fights where his powerplays and ultimates routinely swing the game in SKT’s favor.

Bot Lane Matchup: KT’s Deft and Mata have always been iconic players in their respective roles. With an 8.6 KDA and 9.2 CS per minute, Deft is a mechanical prodigy that shines in skirmishes and team fights. On the other hand, Mata holds a 4.1 KDA and is a massive shot calling presence on kt Rolster. But they’ve met their match against SKT’s duo of Bang and Wolf. Holding a 6.7 KDA and 9.1 CS per minute, Bang has been taking over team fights to such an extent that it even makes Deft look pale in comparison. And with a 5.4 KDA, Wolf is the pillar of SKT, that’s always there to back up his teammates and find crucial picks.  


While KT’s early dominance is formidable, SKT are stronger where it matters most—in the mid and late game. It’s going to be close and it’s going to be wild, but SKT will once again take the series with a 2-1 score. 

Risk: Very High. A single misstep or an outplay can turn the tables in this matchup.

Oddschecker: Odds to be Determined

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W6D5 LCK: SKT vs KT Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

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