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W6D1 LCK: MVP vs LZ Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

MVP vs Longzhu! Two teams with the same standings meet in a BO3 series! Who will win—and why?

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After their win against kt Rolster, MVP are finally looking like a team that many have expected them to be. With no real star players, MVP get wins through teamwork and immaculate synergy. They might not be the top dogs of LCK—not yet—but they’re more than capable of holding their own against every team in the league. 

Longzhu are making their claim for the top of the LCK ladder. While the team’s shot calling can still be shaky, its real strength lies in team fighting. Longzhu constantly pick great spots to battle and they’re on point with execution and target selection.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: Longzhu’s Expression is a team player first and foremost. With a 3.0 KDA and 8.3 CS per minute, Expression makes his presence known with flanks, roams, and well-timed teleports. And you can always count on him to show up in skirmishes. His opponent, MVP ADD, is without a doubt the best Sion player in the league. Even so, until recently, his performance on other champions was lacking. But with the addition of Camille to his champion pool, it’s becoming more and more difficult to ban ADD out. With a 2.4 KDA and 7.5 CS per minute, ADD will take over this matchup if he gets his Sion or Camille but will lag behind on everything else.

Jungle Matchup: MVP’s Beyond has been decent throughout the season. While his 2.8 KDA might not be anything to boast about, Beyond makes up for it with 5.3 CS per minute. Still, Beyond’s not exactly a high-impact jungler on his own. In fact, he’s at his best when he farms, plays the objective game and shows up for the occasional counter-gank. LZ Crash has been far more aggressive—sometimes even to his own harm. With his crisp mechanics, Crash is the playmaker of Longzhu and has a 3.3 KDA and 5.3 CS per minute to show for his efforts. Even though his plays backfire at times, Crash secures a win in the jungle with his proactive play.

Mid Lane MatchupFly is the global threat of Longzhu. When this man is in the game, you always have to keep tabs on him and ward for roams. But even then it might not be enough, as Fly seems to make his cross-map plays work against even the most attentive opponents. In comparison, Ian has been underwhelming. MVP’s mid laner fails to show up on anything but Syndra and struggles against his opposition. He loses to Fly both in KDA (2.6 to 4.3) and CS per minute (7.8 to 8.7), and it will a constant challenge for him to keep Longzhu’s mid laner under control.

Bot Lane Matchup: The bot lane is the matchup to follow for this series. Even though MaHa and Max have had a slow start to their season, they’ve quickly become the main carries on the MVP lineup. With a 4.0 KDA and 8.5 CS per minute, MaHa is a solid AD carry that always seems to land those Varus arrows and Jhin ultimates. But the real star here is Max. Despite his average KDA of 3.3, MVP’s support has worked wonders with his smart picks and clutch engages. But they’re in for an uphill battle against Longzhu’s PraY and GorillA. With a 3.1 KDa and 9.3 CS per minute, PraY is a mechanical prodigy that excels both at laning and team fighting. And even though GorillA’s KDA of 2.4 might seem mediocre, the amount of pressure he brings in lane and skirmishes is not to be underestimated.


Longzhu have stronger players, and as long as they don’t drop the ball in draft and macro, they will win the series with a 2-1 score.

Risk: Medium. The standings are close, and MVP have shown in the past that they have what it takes to upset the best LCK teams.

OddscheckerMVP (7/5), Longzhu Gaming (4/7)

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W6D1 LCK: MVP vs LZ Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

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