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W6D1 EU LCS: MSF vs UOL Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

MSF vs UOL! Will the LCS newcomers take down Unicorns of Love in a BO3 series? Read and find out!

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Even though Misfits have enjoyed a lot of success over the season, most of it was against mid and bottom-tier teams. Their shot calling is rough around the edges, although their team fighting and individual strength are certainly remarkable.

Unicorns of Love are also a team that lives and dies by team fighting, This lineup is all about skirmishes and clutch engages. However, their subpar decision-making is still there and it’s often the main reason behind Unicorns’ demise.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: Misfits Alphari is the rookie to follow this Split. Whether it’s being a robust frontliner or dominating on carries, Alphari can do it all and has an impressive 4.5 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute. But this time he’s facing UOL Vizicsacsi. Unicorns’ veteran top laner has been most notable for his exceptional tank play. With a 4.1 KDA and 8.5 CS per minute, Vizicsacsi is always looking for opportunities for Teleports and cross-map plays. Alphari is a slightly better laner, but Vizicsacsi has better game sense and synergy with his teammates.

Jungle Matchup: UOL Xerxe has been most impressive so far. Even though his unorthodox champion pool raises a lot of questions, Xerxe is quick to clear these doubts with his outstanding play. Whatever the pick, Xerxe makes it work and has a massive 8.7 KDA and 4.4 CS per minute to show for his efforts. But squaring off against MSF KaKAO might prove to be a tall order even for him. Sporting a 6.0 KDA and 4.8 CS per minute, the Korean superstar has dominated his opposition with smart pathing and clean, mechanical play. Maybe Xerxe can blindside him with a surprise pick or two, but unless that happens, KaKAO comes out on top in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup: Misfits PowerOfEvil has been on fire this Split! Sporting a 6.8 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute, POE combines his proficiency on control mages with bold and aggressive play that puts his opponents to a test. UOL’s Exileh has also enjoyed a lot of success. With 4.6 KDA and 8.8 CS per minute, Exileh shines on mages and assassins alike. Even so, PowerOfEvil is—ever so slightly—a more impactful player.

Bot Lane Matchup: If you take a look at the stats it might seem that MSF Hans Sama overtakes UOL Samux with a 6.5 KDA to 4.6. However, the differences with these AD carries are minimal, as they both play a similar cleanup role on their lineups. The actual spotlight is on the supports. And while Hylissang is a solid player with a 2.9 KDA, he’s a massive underdog to Misfits’ IgNar. Holding a stunning 7.2 KDA, IgNar dominates every laning phase and team fight he takes part in. A win for Misfits in the bot lane.


It’s going to be close. Misfits have stronger players while Unicorns display better synergy. Even so, UOL’s recent IEM games have shown that their decision-making remains a prominent weakness. Unless Unicorns can step it up, Misfits will brute force their way to a 2-1 victory.

Risk: High. Unicorns of Love thrive on chaos and a single misstep from Misfits can become the start of their downfall.

Best OddsMisfits (5/6), Unicorns of Love (1/1)

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W6D1 EU LCS: MSF vs UOL Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

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