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W6D1 EU LCS: H2K vs FNC Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

H2K vs FNC! Can Fnatic bring down their opponents or will H2K prove to be too tough to handle? 

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H2K are an early game team. Whenever you watch their laning and early game rotations, you can’t help but feel amazed. But everything comes crashing down once the mid game hits. Here H2K can throw even the most substantial leads, and their subpar macro and shot calling rear their ugly heads.

Even though Fnatic have decided to stick with their rookie jungler, it doesn’t come close to fixing this lineup’s problems. Their macro and synergy aren’t great. But more importantly, their solo laners are largely inconsistent and prone to making decisions that throw the game for the rest of Fnatic.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: You can always rely on H2K Odoamne. Sporting a 3.4 KDA and 8.2 CS per minute, Odoamne is the glue that holds his team together and his performance on tanks is often the key factor behind H2K’s success. His opponent, FNC sOAZ has been on and off this season. With a 3.4 KDA and 8 CS per minute, sOAZ can show up on the wildest of picks—only to throw it all away moments later. Odoamne’s consistency secures a win for H2K in the top lane. 

Jungle Matchup: FNC Broxah has had a promising start to his LCS career. With a 3.7 KDA and 4.6 CS per minute, Broxah has shown a lot of confidence that you wouldn’t expect from a rookie jungler. Even so, his synergy with teammates is still off and his play could use some refinement. Meanwhile, Jankos is the explosive force that propels H2K to victory. Holding a 5.0 KDA and 4.5 CS per minute, Jankos seems to always find opppportunities for ganks—and execute them perfectly. A clear win for H2K in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup: While H2K Febiven has enjoyed a lot of success this season, his shortcomings are ever so present. With a 4.6 KDA and 8.8 CS per minute, Febiven has amazing game sense and crisp mechanics that he uses to come out on top in almost every laning phase. However, his decision-making needs a lot of work, and Febiven often loses crucial team fights by overextending and baiting his allies. But Caps is no stranger to fluctuating performances too. While Fnatic’s rookie mid laner has had a strong start to his Split, his lack of experience shows itself in the mid and late game team fights. With a 3.3 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute of his own, Caps concedes the mid lane matchup to Febiven.

Bot Lane Matchup: With a 6.7 KDA and 9.6 CS per minute, Fnatic Rekkles continues to be impressive. He’s not the type of player that will surprise you with crazy outplays, but he’s very well-rounded and he knows how to dish out the most damage in any given situation. Unfortunately, he’s paired with Jesiz who—for all intents and purposes—is mediocre. Holding a 3.0 KDA, Jesiz is stable but he doesn’t bring much else to the table to make his AD carry shine. On the other hand, H2K’s Nuclear and Chei are becoming primary contenders for the best bot lane in Europe. With a 6.4 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, Nuclear is a highly aggressive and mechanically gifted AD carry that pushes his lead to the max. And his support, Chei, backs him up with bold playmaking and has a 3.8 KDA to show for his efforts. A lead for H2K in the bot lane.


H2K are way too far ahead on an individual level and they will stomp Fnatic in lane and win the game with a 2-1 score. 

Risk: Low. Even though H2K have a good throwing arm, Fnatic have don’t have the strategic prowess to take advantage of that.

Oddschecker: H2K (5/7), Fnatic (6/5)

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W6D1 EU LCS: H2K vs FNC Preview, Betting Tips, Odds

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