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LoL Champion Warwick Update Analysis: Uncaging the Wrath In The Rift

With the awesome teaser video recently released, we see the Blood Hunter reborn. Along with his new title, "Wrath of Zaun", Warwick is reborn to a more blood crazed hunter with giant leaps and ferocious howls. But will this rework change the mechanics of jungling and will it create a new array of plays for season 7?

The Skill Kit

Warwick is a seasoned jungler from the early years of League of Legends and in recent years was deemed linear and predictable. With the recent release of Warwick skills preview. We see the Warwick with skills that don’t just add up to his movement speed but closes the gap in immense distances. Think Rengar leaping with two-fold distance without needing a bush and instantly applying a hard CC.
Check this awesome preview!

We see in the video how his kit was redesigned to give a better combo comparing to his older kit but still having the user-friendly simplicity he has always enjoyed. Besides, being savage shouldn’t be too difficult to learn. To check out his new arsenal, Riot has just released his very own page.

The New Kit

With a more savage skill kit, how does the rework affect Warwick’s gameplay in ganking and teamfights?

Let’s start with his new passive, Eternal thirst. Eternal thirst causes Warwick’s auto-attacks to deal bonus magic damage. Compared to his old passive, the new one does not stack and healing is only enabled when Warwick is at 50% less than his max HP. This still gives him the sustain when jungling but has also afforded him to be a bit more vulnerable to counter junglers now that healing only happens when Warwick is below 50% HP.

Jaws of the Beast, his new Q, still retains the old Q’s healing property but adds a lunging ability as well. The ability gives Warwick a better opportunity in carrying out early ganks. Additionally, his Q when held down for a bit causes Warwick to end up behind the targeted champion which works effectivley with his E, we’ll get to that later though. Similar to Katarina’s Shunpo, lunging or blinking skills which place you behind a target, this gives you the chance to outmanoeuver skill shots from an enemy and added mobility within skirmishes.

Blood Hunt, his new E, is a merge of both his old E and W. Combining movement speed and attack speed boosts, Blood Hunt has its active and passive funtions. Its passive causes Warwick to have increased attack speed against champions below 50% HP and together with a significant movement speed increase when Warwick is moving towards a Blood Hunted champion, the movement speed bonus is only gained out-of-combat. When activated, Warwick gets to choose a champion regardless of its HP to Blood Hunt gaining all the skill’s boosts. Considering its boosts, Warwick’s ability to fight head-to-head is improved. The rework also gives him a stealthier approach compared to Blood Scent since it avoids giving enemy champions a heads up if Warwick is nearby.

Primal Howl, the new E, reduces incoming damage for a duration and causes enemies to be feared at the end of the duration or when reactivated. Together with his Q, Warwick’s E gives him the chance to separate allies from each other and also gives him the ability to withstand incoming damage when in the middle of the action.

Warwick’s ultimate, Infinite Duress, still feels like the old one but the targeting is a bit trickier. As Warwick leaps, he supresses the champion he collides in the direction. Additionally, the casting range depends on Warwick’s movement speed and grants mmunity to crowd control effects during the leap. Compared to the previous version, Warwick now heals for all the damage he deals during his ultimate.


The rework certainly gives Warwick a more flexible style of gameplay. His identity as a fighter is more accentuated in this new version. With his skills giving him the ability to close and create spaces in the battlefield, players will be more likely to exploit this strength. Warwick’s unique sustainability makes him a much more powerful jungler and counter-jungler. His Q, W and E alone can make him burst down a squishy. Even against fellow tanky champs, the damage output of Q (% of a enemy’s HP) combined with W and E’s boosts can make him a formidable opponent to go up against.

Warwick’s kit also allows him to gank more frequently than other junglers. In teamfights, it is more likely that Warwick’s tankiness would be used to isolate and lock down enemy champions. In general, early- and mid- games allow Warwick to stunt the growth of enemy champions especially those who aren’t too mobile like Xerath, Ashe, Varus and the like. On the other hand, late game scenarios provide the chance for Warwick to disrupt and isolate tanks, disablers and carries.

What is your opinion on the Warwick update? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL Champion Warwick Update Analysis: Uncaging the Wrath In The Rift

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