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TSM vs. CLG – How The Rivalry Breaks Down in Week 9

by Joshua Horshok

The Team Solomid and Counter Logic Gaming rivalry has been going on since the very start of League of Legends history when HotshotGG left TSM to form CLG back in 2010. The two teams have always fought tooth and nail against each other whenever they’ve had to square up against each other, and this week is going to be no different.

Week 9

As we approach Week 9 of the NA LCS, one thing is for certain: no one knows who is going to end up 1st and 6th place by Sunday.

While TSM holds 1st place currently with a 12-4 record, CLG is currently in 3rd with an 11-5 record. With Immortal’s schedule being against Envy and Echo Fox, it’s safe to say that the match between TSM and CLG is going to be a battle for the last playoff bye. However, CLG is going to have to earn that playoff bye considering that they’re going to play the trailing Team Dignitas.

With Dignitas looking incredibly strong lately by beating Immortals 2-1 last week, the difference between 1st and 2nd playoff bye for TSM might be one to see if they can avoid Team Dignitas in the upcoming playoffs. TSM has a good record against a majority of the teams, but has a shaky record against Dignitas with a total 1-4.

With CLG and TSM fighting for that final playoff bye, the rivalry match is going to have sparks flying. So who is going to have the advantage in this upcoming match?

Looking Ahead

The TSM roster has been consistent since the start of the Summer split, but CLG’s roster has replaced Dardoch with OmarGod starting Week 8. Although Dardoch is more experienced on the LCS stage than OmarGod, OmarGod has shown better results on tank junglers like the Maokai and Gragas. By giving OmarGod these tanky champions, it relieves Darshan to play bruiser and splitpush champions and Aphromoo to play mage support champions, which they’re both so feared for.

That being said, both Svenskeren and Hauntzer have shown that they can play Gragas and Maokai well, and these picks are going to be on the radar during the Pick/Ban phase for Parth. OmarGod has shown that he can play champions like Elise and Olaf decently as other options, but whether those champions can fit well in the CLG style is going to be up to Zikzlol.

The games themselves are going to be close since each laner is very close in skill. Bjergsen does have an advantage over Huhi in that he has a great Galio that has been improving over the course of the summer season. The TSM and CLG botlane has the most stress on them, with games possibly riding on their shoulders the later the game goes. Both Doublelift and Stixxay’s champion pool is similar, but Stixxay has been putting more emphasis with Jhin and Doublelift on Tristana lately.

With the meta being very teamfight focused and emphasis on scaling, a good teamfight that takes out either Doublelift or Stixxay would be enough to win the entire teamfight.

TSM has the slight advantage in that OmarGod hasn’t played as much with the CLG roster, OmarGod has a small champion pool, and Aphromoo is known for getting caught out in silly situations; however, CLG is a very smart team in that each member knows what their role and win conditions are, can spot when TSM is setting up for a Baron bait if they prioritize a Duskblade Jhin, and can punish effectively when a player like Hauntzer or Biofrost is not playing safe. With this in mind, I predict that TSM will beat CLG in a 2-1 fashion.

With everything on the line for TSM and CLG, this match is not going to be a pretty or clean one, and the only winners will be us viewers.

What do you think of the TSM vs CLG matchup in Week 9 of the Summer Split? Let us know in the comments below!

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Joshua Horshok

I am attending college for English and Journalism. I've been playing League of Legends since Season 3 and enjoy playing casually with my friends. I like to analyze teams' vision game and have been watching the pro scene since Season 3.

TSM vs. CLG – How The Rivalry Breaks Down in Week 9

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