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TSM: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

TSM are looking to make a splash in the 2017 NA LCS Playoffs! Can they cement their legacy by reaching the finals?

Team SoloMid finished the regular season with a 14-4 score, placing first together with Immortals. Their roster has Hauntzer in the top lane, Svenskeren in the jungle, Bjergsen in the mid lane, Doublelift in the AD carry position, and Biofrost in the support role. What does the NA LCS powerhouse has to offer?

Path to Glory

To someone looking from the sidelines, it might seem TSM haven’t done too well this season. After all, they came in with the same roster that made them go 17-1 in the 2016 Summer Split, so the expectations were high. Yet behind TSM’s scarce losses are conscious attempts to expand their arsenal.

This lineup has always had a hard time adapting strategies on the fly, so they choose to do the bulk of the work in the regular season. With Bjergsen picking up more team-oriented champions, TSM had to learn to play without mid lane priority—and they did it to great success. Combine that with their usual strategic prowess, and TSM look ready to take on the world when it comes to macro and drafts.

But versatility isn’t the only thing that makes this team notable. All TSM players are in the top-3 of their respective positions, which makes them the most dangerous lineup of the 2017 Summer Split. A single opening, a single misstep in lane, and TSM will pounce at the opportunity to get their snowball going. If that wasn’t enough, all TSM members are seasoned veterans that have a solid grasp on the ins and outs of League of Legends. And that’s a huge part of what makes them nigh unstoppable in the late game.

Even so, there are definite holes in their play. For starters, TSM have always been slow to adapt to the meta changes, so any patch can easily upset their team dynamic. Finally, their early game still revolves around the Bjergsen/Svenskeren duo, which makes it easy to predict what lane they’re going to prioritize. But even if you know these weaknesses, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to capitalize on them. After all, TSM are just too damn good at playing around them.

Players to Follow

Bjergsen reigns supreme in the mid lane. Sporting a 6.8 KDA, 8.8 CS per minute, and 665 DPM, TSM’s superstar has had another incredible showing this split. He offers everything you could ever want in a mid laner—from the immaculate mechanics to the razor-sharp game sense.

TSM’s other carry is equally impressive. With a 4.8 KDA, 9.0 CS per minute, and 587 DPM, Doublelift is a legendary marksman that thrives in lane and out of it. Not only is he always on top of his mechanics, but his vast competitive experience makes him the primary shot caller of this team.

On Sunday, August 27, TSM will clash with Team Dignitas in the Semifinals of the 2017 Summer Playoffs. Can they hold their ground against the up-and-coming challengers? Check out our preview to see what we think about this matchup.

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TSM: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

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