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Top changes of patch 7.18

Patch 7.18—the Worlds patch—is finally here! Let’s find out how it affects the current League of Legends meta!

Cassiopeia loses her fangs

How many times did you go into a Cassiopeia lane only to have her run you down at level 1? Well, Riot is fixing this by removing a third of Twin Fang [E] bonus damage against poisoned targets and relocating it into a 0.1 AP scaling bump. This way, Cass gets to keep her insane DPS in late game teamfights but loses out on the ridiculous all-in potential, which—in our opinion—is a fair trade.

Elise’s tangled web

The Spider Queen is the one early game jungler that always makes it work. And for some bizarre reason, Riot just couldn’t let this slide, so Elise receives a 45-damage nerf to the max rank of her Volatile Spiderling [W]. Additionally, her Rappel [E] cooldown got increased at higher ranks, so Elise will be even less versatile in late game scenarios. Still, no other jungler can match her early game prowess, so we reckon Elise is here to stay.

Fiora’s agile movement

Let’s face it, we all saw this coming. After Riot kept reverting one Fiora nerf after another, it was only a matter of time before they nullified all of them. Duelist’s Dance [Passive] gets its movements speed burst back up to 50% at level 16, and Grand Challenge [R] once again procs the passive if Fiora’s next to her target. Expect to see a whole lot of dueling in the top lane again.

Gragas Body Slam nerf

Gragas had his base armor cut down by 3 to make for a more challenging clear. More importantly, Body Slam [E] collision detection and hitbox offset radius got reduced, so it’ll be easier to dodge the ability. For a champion that’s been so overwhelmingly dominant during all stages of the game, these changes were overdue, so we welcome Gragas nerfs with open arms. Besides, his kit is so versatile that he’ll likely keep appearing as a staple jungle pick.

Jarvan IV shield reduction

Yeap. The Prince of Demacia loses out on the whopping 5 points of shield at all ranks of Golden Aegis [W]. The actual nerf, though, is the transition from 4% to 3% maximum health scaling on the bonus shield per champion hit. Let’s just say J4 isn’t going to be as tanky as he used to.

Ornn locks his upgrades

Ornn never quite hit the mark. The main problem is that—even after the emergency buffs—his kit feels way too clunky. If you thought Riot’s about to fix it, you thought wrong. Instead, they’re making his upgrades unavailable until Ornn gets to level 13. And while this will stop your teammates from investing into ridiculously inefficient upgrades in the early game, it does little for the demigod blacksmith himself.

A more notable change is the movement speed buff to Call of the Forge God [R]. Landing the first part of the ultimate will be a bit easier now, but considering how little it does on its own, that was always the least impactful part of Ornn’s kit.

Rakan engage nerfs

Even with his sluggish laning phase, Rakan’s knack for starting fights made him one of the most dominant supports in the game. Well, things are about to change. The dash speed nerf on Grand Entrance [W] from 1800 + 100% movement speed to 2050 + 30% movement speed is bad enough, but the reduction of The Quickness [R] collision detection radius means that Rakan will have to be much more mindful of his positioning if he wants to charm several targets. Still, the champion’s kit is so strong that he’ll likely keep showing up in the bottom lane.

Tristana’s (less) Explosive Charge

For a late game hypercarry, Tristana was way too strong in the early game. Her Explosive Charge [E] bonus AD ratio got knocked down from 1.1 to 0.9, and the bonus AD ratio on the 4-stack charge was reduced from 2.42 to 1.98. The nerf will definitely be noticeable in the mid game, but as long as there’s no viable Tristana counter, she’ll reign supreme in the bot lane.

Frostfang gets CDR

When was the last time you saw a mage support do well? The combination of itemization changes and meta shifts pushed mages out of the bottom lane, but it looks like Riot’s not ready to let them go. Upgrading your Spellthief’s Edge into Frostfang will now give you 10% cooldown reduction, which is ridiculously good on most bot lane casters. Of course, Ancient Coin remains the best support item, but this change should make Spellthief’s Edge a bit more competitive.

That’s it for our top changes of patch 7.18! As always, you can check the complete patch notes here, and we’ll see you on the Fields of Justice.

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Top changes of patch 7.18

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