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Three Things We Learned: EU LCS Week 10

A quick look into three things we learned during Week 10 of the EU LCS.

Fnatic feels like they have something to prove

What a roller coaster of a season for Fnatic. The playoff-bound team was once an unstoppable force in the EU LCS, so it is odd seeing Fnatic struggle as much as they did this season. The relatively new roster fared much better in the first half of the Split compared to the second half, as the team only won two games from Week 6 to Week 10. That being said, Fnatic stepped up when they needed to, and beat a very strong Misfits team in order to steal the playoff berth from  ROCCAT (I have a feeling the playoffs would be a much more interesting if ROCCAT had made them, seeing how hot the team has been playing lately).

The first match of Fnatic’s series this week seemed to be a basic summation of their season. The games against G2 eSports were critical for Fnatic as they could help prove the team was ready for the postseason. Fnatic demolished G2 the first game, with Rekkles rocking an 8/1/9 AD Kennen who participated in 85 percent of the team’s kills. Fnatic looked as strong as ever – but then game two happened, and it was a disaster. Fnatic was only able to pick up one kill the whole match, and the game only lasted 30 minutes. Come game three, Fnatic started off with a huge gold advantage but threw it away with some awful shot calling.

Enter Sunday, when Fnatic’s season rested on a series against the strong Misfits. Fnatic lost pretty handily, but came back clutch to win the next two games and secure their spot in the playoffs. Now, everyone is on the same playing field, and Fnatic has to prove that they aren’t just a middle-tier team. They’re wanting to jump right back to the top of the EU LCS.

G2’s loss against ROCCAT is nothing to worry about

Seeing G2 eSports lose their final and only match of the season was no doubt disappointing, but this isn’t the start of some “David and Goliath” story. ROCCAT needed the win much more than G2 did, and G2 eSports probably used this match as a mental rest. The win even gave ROCCAT a shot at the playoffs, which could have made for an easier path for G2 in the long run. G2 could have easily won if they were playing at full potential, but they knew that there were no downfalls to losing one match, as they would still be the top team in the EU LCS regardless of the result. Both teams played with non-meta picks, so it definitely seemed that ROCCAT cheesed G2 more than they “beat” them.

G2 eSports is going into a bye week as strong as ever, and the only foe they would truly have to worry about in the semifinals would be Misfits, but it’s still not likely that G2 will lose. I’d say that it’s almost certain that G2 eSports wins the EU LCS Spring Split Finals.

Origen did the seemingly impossible: 0 – 13

Coming into the Spring Split, it was no secret that Origen wasn’t going to be a top-tier team, but I don’t think anyone saw this coming. The entire season played out like a bad joke for the team that couldn’t catch any breaks. Not only did they lose every single match of the season, the team’s individual stats were some of the worst the EU LCS has ever seen. The top KDA on Origen was held by ADC Tabzz, and it was only a 1.8 KDA. There wasn’t another team in the EU LCS where every single player failed to break a 2 KDA.

Unfortunately, the fall from grace may not end here. Origen has to deal with promotions now, and it seems like they have almost no chance of making it back into the EU LCS next year. On the bright side, at least this Origen team will be remembered for something.

What was your biggest takeaway from Week 10? Let us know in the comments below!

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I study Communication at UC San Diego with the hopes of becoming a journalist one day. In my free time, I write short stories and play League of Legends.

Three Things We Learned: EU LCS Week 10

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