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2017 EU LCS Spring Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory UOL vs Misifts

Unicorns of Love vs Misfits! What can these teams do to secure their victory? 

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UOL will clash with Misfits in the Semifinals of the EU LCS! We take a look at what path each team should take to win this series.


Prioritize LeBlanc: Not only is the champion overtuned right now, but both Exileh and PowerOfEvil have shown that they can single-handedly carry games on it. This is the case where it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if UOL can’t secure the pick in the first rotation, then it’s best to ban it. Unless, of course, they have some secret counter prepared for it.  

Shut Down KaKAO: Misfits’ jungler has the potential to break open the series. A single successful gank can get the snowball rolling for either of their solo laners—and that doesn’t bode well for UOL. Hence Unicorns need to invade the enemy jungle and light up the map with wards to keep tabs on KaKAO. Xerxe’s usual off-meta picks are ill-suited for the task since they all tend to focus on late-game team fights, and UOL need to think very carefully about their jungle options.

Play the Objective: Misfits are formidable when it comes to individual play and team fighting but their macro is lacking. Combine that with the fact that rotations and well-timed objectives have become the staples of UOL’s play, and you have your recipe for success. The longer Unicorns avoid a full-blown confrontation, the more chances they’ll have to chip away at Misfits’ turrets—and ultimately—win the game.

For Misfits

Win Lane, Win Game: When it comes to player strength, Misfits are quite a bit ahead of UOL. However, their macro is definitely their weakest point. That’s why it’s even more important for Misfits to secure winning matchups in the draft and get that snowball going. Of course, drafting three winning lanes is unrealistic, so they should prioritize solo laners. Especially PowerOfEvil.

Invest into Solo Lanes: While it’s true that Misfits players have been pulling their own weight, the ones that stand out the most are solo laners. Hence, it would be smart to invest into players that already have a history of carrying. Whether it’s ganking, roaming, or simply being nearby to counter the enemy jungler, Misfits need to do everything in their power to set up their carries.

Force Team Fights: Even when this lineup is behind in gold, don’t count them out because they always have an ace up their sleeve—their team fighting. Misfits absolutely crush it when it comes to 5v5 battles. And sure, UOL are not too shabby in that department either, but Misfits will still blow them away if they play their cards right. So the sooner they start grouping and challenging UOL in team fights, the better.

Any other keys for either team you can think of? Let us know in the comments!

Daniil Volkov

I craft narratives around League of Legends and cover LCK, NA & EU LCS.

2017 EU LCS Spring Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory UOL vs Misifts

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