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2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory TSM vs FlyQuest

TSM vs FlyQuest! How does either team secure a commanding lead in this matchup for a chance to reach the Finals?  

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TSM will face FlyQuest as their first Playoffs opponent! We examine what the teams need to do to ensure their victory.


Ban out Balls: FlyQuest’s match against CLG exposed Balls’ champion pool in that if he’s targeted in the draft, it’s definitely possible to force him on a specific pick. TSM should use this to their advantage and set up their top laner with a winning matchup. Considering that Balls is already behind Hauntzer when it comes to raw talent, this should make it all too easy for TSM to take over the top side of the map.

Track Hai: Hai is FlyQuest’s wild card. He’s been known to abandon his lane in favor of making cross-map plays—and these plays often set FlyQuest’s snowball in motion. Fortunately for TSM, they have the best mid laner possible for this situation in Bjergsen. As long as Bjergsen coordinates with his jungler and lights up the map with wards, it will be tough for Hai to break out of TSM’s stranglehold.

Stay Together: The sooner TSM start grouping, the fewer playmaking options FlyQuest will be left with. Combine that with the fact that TSM are the best team-fighting lineup in the league, and you have yourself a recipe for a clean win. Best thing—FlyQuest have close to no ways to combat this, apart from securing a lead throughout the laning phase. And as long as TSM don’t overextend, that isn’t likely to happen.

For FlyQuest

Go Wild in Draft: Let’s face it, it will be incredibly hard for FlyQuest to win with standard play. However, FlyQuest have been known to experiment with unorthodox strategies throughout the season. It’s time to put their findings to use. FlyQuest need to catch TSM off guard with their draft if they want to have the best odds of winning this match, much like Fnatic in their win over H2K in the EU.

Set Up Moon: Hai and Moon have been decisive playmakers on FlyQuest’s roster. But since Hai will have his hands full dealing with Bjergsen, it will be up to his teammates to break this game open. Moon has shown in the past that he can do this on his own, but this time FlyQuest need to put a lot of emphasis on his champion pick and protect him from invades.

Do or Die: High-risk, high-reward has been FlyQuest’s motto since the team’s inception, and it’s not about to change here. FlyQuest need to blindside their opponents with a call so crazy that even TSM will have a hard time reacting to it. Keeping this level of shot calling for five games in a row is a stretch, but it’s still their best bet to take down the giant that is TSM. 

Daniil Volkov

I craft narratives around League of Legends and cover LCK, NA & EU LCS.

2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory TSM vs FlyQuest

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