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2017 Spring Split LCK Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory SSG vs KT

SSG clash with KT in a fierce best of 5! What does either team need to do if they want to win?

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A match between Samsung Galaxy and kt Rolster for the spot at the LCK finals! We take a look at their keys to victory.  

Samsung Galaxy

Focus Smeb: Top lane is the most worrying position for Samsung in this matchup. Sure, CuVee isn’t a complete pushover but even the best top laners will struggle against the monster that is Smeb. Combine that with Smeb’s tendency to go for carry picks, and top lane can easily snowball out of control. Samsung need to play around the top side of the map if they hope to stop this from happening.

Start Fighting: If there’s one team that can challenge kt Rolster in a 5v5 setting, it’s Samsung. Their team fighting has only improved throughout the season while KT have largely stayed the same. So grouping up for objectives and forcing their opponents to respond in line might be Samsung’s best chance of taking the series.

Make Adjustments: Few teams have Samsung’s versatility. Thanks to their high-level substitutes, Samsung can make adaptations over the course of a BO5 or even bring out some cheesy picks to catch KT off guard. If Samsung ever fall behind, their substitutes will play a key role in bolstering their morale and in-game performance.

kt Rolster

Cover Pawn: The biggest skill discrepancy lies in the mid lane. Not only is Crown seriously impressive, but Pawn has also been in somewhat of a slump. This makes mid lane the primary point of contention for the matchup. Even if KT can’t find ways to get Pawn ahead, they need to support him with ganks and cross-map roams to keep Crown at bay.

Avoid Skirmishes: kt Rolster’s early game has always been shaky—largely because of the overaggressive tendencies of their players. This trend didn’t work in the past and it’s not about to start working now. KT need to stay calm and collected throughout the laning phase even if it means losing a bit of ground to Samsung.

Splitpush: Even for a superteam like kt Rolster, Samsung’s team fighting prowess poses a significant threat. The best way to get it under control is to avoid 5v5s altogether. KT’s Smeb excels at playing carries, so put him onto Camille or Renekton, and get that splitpush going. That way Samsung will always have to send one of their solo laners to deal with him, which will significantly weaken their team composition.

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2017 Spring Split LCK Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory SSG vs KT

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