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Three Keys to Victory: kt Rolster vs MVP

kt Rolster vs MVP! What does either team need to do to secure a win against its opponent?   

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kt Rolster

Prepare For Pocket Picks: MVP have shown that they’re more than capable of bringing out experimental picks on stage. In particular, ADD and Max play a lot of unorthodox champions, depending on the enemy composition. Naturally, you can’t prepare against every single champion in the game, but what you can do is adapt throughout the course of the BO5 by banning some of the more troublesome picks. KT need to come into this series with several flexible drafting strategies to combat MVP’s unorthodox play style.

Break Down Mid Lane/Jungle Synergy: Neither Ian nor Beyond is particularly impressive on their own. But when paired together, they play off each other even better than some top-tier LCK mid lane/jungle combos. That’s why it’s crucial for KT to break this duo apart. One way to do so would be by targeting Ian in the draft and taking away his strongest champion, Syndra. Of course, that alone won’t be enough, and Score will have to coordinate with his teammates and invade the enemy jungle to keep Beyond under control.

Don’t Group: MVP are at their strongest when they’re working together. Even though KT have shown in the past that they’re no pushovers when it comes to macro and team fights, their recent streak of shaky performances puts this history to doubt. KT should play to their strengths and pick MVP apart through a combination of superior laning and splitpushing.


Get Creative: No matter how much you prepare for them, MVP always seem to have a pocket pick or two in store. These have been instrumental in their victories, so if they have any more aces under their sleeves, it’s about time they brought those out. Of course, it won’t be easy to win the draft against kt Rolster, but winning without comfort picks will be even harder.

Target Score: There’s a reason why Score is considered the best jungler in the LCK. He’s a one-man army that’s more than capable of single-handedly carrying his team to victory. It’s unlikely that Beyond will be able to keep him down by himself, and Score’s champion pool is wide enough to make banning him out a waste of resources. That’s why MVP will have to come up with some creative jungle routes to put Score behind in the early game. Alternatively, they could work together to light up the enemy jungle with wards and keep tabs on KT’s star player.

Fight Together: Most of MVP’s leads come from grouping up and pushing together for objectives. This will be even more important against a team like kt Rolster that overshadows them on an individual level. MVP need to group up as soon as possible before KT pick them apart in the laning phase.

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Three Keys to Victory: kt Rolster vs MVP

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