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Three Keys to Victory: H2K vs Fnatic

In the second round of the EU LCS Playoffs, H2K will take on Fnatic! What are both teams’ win conditions? 

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In the second round of the EU LCS Playoffs, H2K will take on Fnatic! What are both teams’ win conditions?

For H2K

Take Away Power Picks: Fnatic doesn’t have many pocket picks but, of course, there are exceptions to every rule. In particular, Fnatic’s bot lane always seems to show up when they get a Kennen/Zyra combo. And while you can skip banning Zyra, I’d argue that it’s one of the few champions that Jesiz looks good on—taking away Kennen from Rekkles is a must. You could also target Broxah’s Lee Sin since that’s his best playmaking champion but this one definitely has less priority than a Kennen ban.

Focus Solo Lanes: Both sOAZ and Caps lose out to H2K’s Odoamne and Febiven on an individual level. This presents a great opportunity for Jankos to start the snowball going. Not only is targeting solo laners one of the best ways to break open the game, but this strategy works even better with stronger players on your side. Ideally, H2K would want to focus on the mid lane, since Odoamne has been mostly playing supportive picks that don’t snowball as hard. But putting sOAZ on tilt might also prove to be a very viable tactic. 

Play the Objectives: While H2K might seem like a strong team fighting squad, a lot of that is because they’re usually miles ahead by the time they start to 5v5. But on an equal footing, H2K’s team fight is barely above average. That’s why they need to play to their strengths and pick Fnatic apart across the map. Secure dragon control, get the Shen splitpush going, force turrets with well-timed rotations. But whatever you do, don’t look for 5v5 fights until you’ve got a substantial lead.

For Fnatic

Invest in Rekkles: Rekkles has been on fire! With a 6.9 KDA, 9.6 CS per minute, and 519 DPM, he’s currently the driving force behind Fnatic’s scarce victories. Hence the team should do everything in its power to put him in a position to carry. Whether it’s getting Rekkles his trademark Kennen pick or focusing jungle attention on the bot side of the map, Fnatic need to get their AD carry ahead if they hope to win this matchup.

Shut Down Jankos: Putting a leash on H2K’s First Blood King won’t be easy, but that’s something Fnatic have to do if they want to win the series. The best way to do this is by getting their mid and jungle duo going. While Caps has been hit or miss throughout the Split, he can be an absolute monster when he’s comfortable. We’ve all seen how good Broxah can be on picks like Lee Sin or Graves. If these two can coordinate their play, then controlling Jankos suddenly becomes a very viable prospect. Of course, that’s a lot of ‘ifs’ but no one’s said that beating H2K will be easy.

Group Up: H2K are at their best when they pick you apart through lane pressure and small skirmishes. On the other hand, team fighting is one of the stronger points of Fnatic’s lineup. As long as they’re not too far behind from the laning phase, Fnatic should look for opportunities to drag H2K into full-blown skirmishes.

Daniil Volkov

I craft narratives around League of Legends and cover LCK, NA & EU LCS.

Three Keys to Victory: H2K vs Fnatic

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