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2017 EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory G2 vs Fnatic

G2 will face Fnatic for a spot in the EU LCS finals! What does either team need to win? 

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The current kings of Europe are about to clash with its former champions. We take a look at their win conditions.

G2 eSports

Adapt to Fnatic’s Meta: With their coach making a claim that Fnatic can—and will—play champions for the first time on stage, it’s clear that this team is prepared to go wild in the pick and ban phase. Banning Lee Sin and Kennen isn’t enough anymore, and G2 have to weigh their options in the draft. If there’s one pick that can counter their composition, even if it’s not a conventional champion, G2 have to account for it nonetheless.

Tilt Caps: Focusing on a rookie is a common strategy that has an even higher likelihood of working against an emotional player like Caps. With a single BO5 under his belt, Caps has yet to experience what it means to play a BO5 from behind. G2 need to give him a feel for it by making his lane a go-to place for ganks and cross-map roams.

Play the Objective Game: In their series against H2K, Fnatic showed that they have what it takes to get the snowball going and close out the game. But, provided they’re on an equal footing with their opponents, we’ve yet to see displays of amazing macro from them. Meanwhile, G2 excel at getting leads through turrets and other objectives. They should play to their strengths and get the wins by taking over the map.


More Wild Picks: In similar fashion, G2 can’t account for every counter pick that Fnatic have at their disposal. Combine that with the fact that playing a BO5 against an unpredictable opponent is one of the toughest challenges in the game, and it becomes evident that Fnatic’s unpredictable draft is one of their greatest advantages. Bring out the ADC Kennens and the support Camilles, and let G2 face a foe that they don’t know.

Follow Rekkles: If there’s anything that Fnatic’s series against H2K showed, it’s that investing into your main carry pays off. Their ganks and 4-man dives against Nuclear and Chei set up Rekkles for carrying and effectively won them the game. Of course, it will be harder to pull these plays off against G2. But no one’s said that defeating a #1 team is going to be easy.

Skirmish: Fnatic’s team fights might not be flawless but there’s no denying that their skirmishing is on point. Most of their players are seasoned veterans that know exactly how to make the most of the disjointed battles. Fnatic should abuse that fact and introduce a little chaos to the 5v5s against G2 and split them into several smaller engagements.

Who do you have coming out on top of this semifinal? Let us know in the comments below!

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2017 EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory G2 vs Fnatic

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