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2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory C9 vs P1

Cloud9 vs Phoenix1! What steps does either team need to make to clinch this series? 

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Cloud9 vs Phoenix1 will clash with each other in a fierce BO5! We take a look at their keys to victory—and how do to use them best.

For Cloud9

Start Ray: To anyone that’s watched Impact play, it might seem weird to suggest putting him on a bench. After all, he’s one of the best top laners in the region, and his exceptional tank play has brought C9 many victories throughout the season. However, Ray’s carry-oriented play style is much more suited to P1 zig’s wild counter picks. They can still sub him out if things go horribly wrong, but it’s a good idea to pressure Phoenix1 early on by forcing their top laner into a difficult matchup.

Cover Jensen: Last time these teams played, Phoenix1 put a lot of focus on ganking for mid lane. It made sense—after all, Jensen and Ryu are main playmakers on their respective teams. But Jensen is much stronger mechanically, which makes him more than capable of winning against Ryu 1v1. That’s why Cloud9 should do everything in their power to cover their superstar mid laner. Ward for cross-map roams, communicate missing champions, and be prepared to counter a lot of ganks.

Wait it Out: Fundamentally, Cloud9 are much more well-rounded than their opponents. This gives them the option to stall the game out and wait for their superior late game to kick into full force. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they have to roll over in the laning phase, but it’s always nice to have another win condition.

For Phoenix1

Draft Around zig: It’s no secret that P1’s top laner does best when he makes use of his versatile champion pool to get a favorable matchup. His counter picks are strong, but facing Cloud9’s Impact and Ray without them will be a tall order for zig. P1 need to put emphasis on winning the top lane in the draft since this will be much easier than securing leads in the other parts of the map.

Dominate the Jungle: The only matchup P1 have going in their favor is the jungle. Both Meteos and Inori have the potential to outperform Contractz, although each in their own unique way. Meteos’s champion pool enables some unorthodox team compositions, but it’s Inori’s highly aggressive play that will allow P1 to break open the game. Phoenix1 need to concentrate their efforts on putting Inori ahead and giving him plenty of opportunities to influence the early game.

Team Fight: When all else fails, Phoenix1 still have a way to win this game through good old-fashioned team fighting. Their carries are monsters. As long as they don’t fall too far behind their counterparts, they will always find opportunities to make game-winning plays. Of course, relying on beating Cloud9 in a 5v5 is a risky prospect, but it’s one that P1 might very well have to take.

Who’s your pick to win this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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I craft narratives around League of Legends and cover LCK, NA & EU LCS.

2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs: Three Keys to Victory C9 vs P1

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