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Three Things we learned from Week 8 of NA LCS

Week 8 has ended and the Spring Split is almost over, what did we learn from this past week's action!

After 8 weeks of high-octane action, the NA LCS Spring Split is nearing its end. What are the things that we can take away or learn from the past week?

The rise of Lulu

Lulu was the most picked champion during Week 8 (picked 19 times out of 24 games). Due to some slight changes to the meta, Lulu has been highly prioritized due to her kit providing a lot of utility that most AD Carries can abuse. From her slow, to her ultimate, her versatile abilities can complement almost any team composition. 

Graves, the Outlaw (literally)

Graves was banned 24 out of 24 games, having a 100 percent ban rate in Week 8. Teams have highly prioritized banning Graves due to his ability to carry games, snowballing out of control and providing huge damage in teamfights. This shift in the meta doesn’t bode well for any pros who rely on using Graves as the season approaches it’s final week. Will Graves’ tweaks alter the course of this 2017 Spring Split? We’ll have to wait and find out for Week 9 to play out and for the Spring Split Playoff seedings to be finalized.

TSM stands tall

Team SoloMid has taken full control of the top spot, looking stronger with Bjergsen playing extremely well and having the most kills (25) of any NA LCS team. Let’s also not forget the fact that they have the 2nd highest KDA (9.5) meaning they’re also playing some smart League and not giving up useless deaths. Bjergsen also boasted the highest GPM (gold per minute) in Week 8, with 449 GPM. Even with TSM placing high in the standings, they have a worrying trend; they almost always lose their first game, stretching matches to 3 games and forcing them to come back. They recently managed to break this trend, being able to 2-0 Echo Fox. This may indicate some semblance of improvement which bodes well for the team.

What to watch for in Week 9

Cloud9 vs Dignitas will certainly be one to watch. Dignitas have been trending upwards in recent weeks and C9 have fallen off their perch atop the NA LCS standings. If C9 do indeed drop this contest, it will set up a huge match with P1 in W9D2 to help decide which squad gets a first round bye in the playoffs. 

TSM vs P1. Sticking to the theme of matchups, this one could very well be a preview of the NA LCS Playoff Finals. It’ll be extremely interesting to see how these teams match up against each other after their 2-1 match in W3D3 that finished in favor of TSM. This however showcases two very different teams from Week 3, not only with rosters but also in their mentalities. They’ve been both been streaking of late as TSM hasn’t lost a game since W4D3 when they dropped a surprise 0-2 to Echo Fox. For P1, their efforts have propelled them to 3rd in the stands with an 11-5 record. If there’s one match to watch this week, it’ll be this one. 

Did you learn anything else from Week 8? Let us know!

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Three Things we learned from Week 8 of NA LCS

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