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LCK Week 8 Recap: SSG stun KT while AFS disappoint

LCK Week 8 was filled with unpredictable twists and turns. We break down some of the biggest upsets of the season.

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Game of the Week: Samsung Galaxy vs kt Rolster

A clash between the 2nd and 3rd best Korean teams! Could Samsung really stand up to KT’s stacked lineup?

Game 1 was classic KT dominance. The team picked its opponents apart with clean dives and stellar rotations, and Samsung struggled to find an answer. And it only got worse as the game went on. With KT taking full control of the map and securing a 10k gold lead at 30 minutes, it was their victory by a landslide.

But Samsung weren’t content with going down that easily. Game 2 had the 2016 World’s finalists get it together, and play a much more reserved and reactive style. And while KT managed to get a massive early game lead by killing Haru and CuVee in their jungle, Samsung were quick to turn it around with the help of amazing vision control and well-timed Teleports. It seemed that every time that KT tried to make a move, Samsung had an answer for it. It didn’t help that Pawn’s LeBlanc was demolished by CrowN and had a hard time influencing the game in any meaningful way. And Samsung’s dominance wasn’t due to any single play either—just amazing objective control and a string of well-executed picks that lead to a 20-minute Baron. With that, Samsung pushed into KT’s base and closed out the game in a 26-minute victory.

Once again, KT managed to get an early lead and once again Samsung took it away from them. This time their play was much bolder and Samsung would often end up diving past the enemy inner turrets—and coming out on top. CuVee’s Maokai was the undisputed MVP here, as he’s found so many engage opportunities with his flanks and Teleports. It looked like we were in for a repeat of game 2, as Samsung set up for a 23-minute Baron, but a miraculous steal from Score thwarted their plan. After losing three of their members in the process, KT finally managed to slow down Samsung’s onslaught. But CuVee remained a huge problem for them. Samsung continued to dominate in team fights all the way to another Baron at the 33-minute mark. This time, Score’s smite went wide, and Samsung aced their opponents and got a Baron on top of that. Even though KT still showed signs of life, their fate was sealed, and it was only a matter of time before Samsung made one final push for their Nexus. A 2-1 victory for Samsung Galaxy!

Match Highlights

Biggest Surprise: Samsung Galaxy

Samsung were absolutely on point this week. Their vision control and reactive play against KT’s aggression were some of the best we’ve seen so far. Their ability to take over the game against weaker teams was thoroughly displayed in the match against Kongdoo Monster. This is the lineup that’s made it to World’s finals, and they’re not going to roll over and let KT and SKT steal the show.   

Biggest Disappointment: Afreeca Freecs

Afreeca’s inconsistency is nothing new. They can play like gods when facing some of the best LCK lineups and simultaneously crumble against bottom-tier teams. This time, however, they failed to deliver on both ends. And while their 1-2 series against SKT isn’t too surprising, it’s their one-sided loss to ROX Tigers that has me worried. Playoffs are approaching and this is not the time fro Afreeca to be tilting into oblivion.

What was your take from Week 8 of the LCK? Let us know in the comments!

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LCK Week 8 Recap: SSG stun KT while AFS disappoint

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