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LoL Week 8 EU LCS Recap: G2 escape Misfits while ROCCAT surprise

Week 8 has been filled with upsets and standout performances. We break down the action and analyze the results.

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Game of the Week: G2 vs Misfits

When two of Europe’s best teams clash in a BO3, you know you’re in for a fun series. And even though the Misfits hype train has slowed down after their 0-2 loss to H2K, the team came into this match with full intent to get it up to full speed.

Game 1 started off low and slow, but all hell broke lose as G2 went for a Baron at the 22-minute mark. Misfits were there to contest but a clutch smite from Trick secured the objective for G2 and proved vital in winning the ensuing team fight. But Misifts weren’t going to go down without a fight, and minutes later a clean Ashe arrow from Hans Sama allowed his team to catch two G2 members out. Everything came down to a massive team fight 30 minutes into the game. Misfits tried to set up a Baron, but G2 read the situation and called for a Teleport from Expect, while the rest of them chased their opponents. Even though PowerOfEvil tried to turn the tide with a massive 3-man Shockwave, it wasn’t nearly enough. G2’s Zven breezed through Misfits and came up with a Quadra Kill—and the first win of the series.  

Game 2 had a number of early game skirmishes. G2 seemed to be well in the lead with three kills of Misfits, but a series of well-executed plays got Misfits right back into the game. Once again, Misfits prepared for a 25-minute Baron, but this time they didn’t leave anything to chance and crushed the approaching G2 members. And even though Zven had another stunning performance at the 32-minute mark, it was too little too late. Misfits bounced back with a decisive mid lane team fight and marched through the mid lane to claim a win of their own.

Game 3 kicked off with G2 proving why they’ve been undefeated on the European stage. They picked Misfits apart with clean dives and well-timed rotations and secured a 6k gold lead at the 20-minute mark. It seemed that the series was coming to its conclusion, but some massive playmaking from Misfits’ IgNar and KaKAO kept them in the game. Even with a 10k gold deficit, Misfits managed to find openings in team fights, but G2 always seemed to come out with a turret or an inhibitor. In the end, Misfits were forced to go for a desperate 39-minute Baron, but G2 were right there to punish. And even though Zven wasn’t there for the ensuing skirmish, Expect took up his mantle of the team fighting god and led G2 to a three for zero trade. After that, it was just a matter of securing the Baron and pushing through the mid lane into Misfits’ crumbling base. A 2-1 victory for G2!

Match Highlights

Biggest Surprise: ROCCAT

reoccat betsy

The last two weeks have been some of the best in ROCCAT’s history. After a 7-game losing streak, the team has made a resurgence with four back-to-back wins against the likes of Fnatic and Vitality. Granted, their opposition wasn’t exactly top-tier, but these victories will be vital to ROCCAT staying in the EU LCS and—who knows—maybe even reaching the Playoffs.

Biggest Disappointment: Origen

xpeke origen

It’s almost unfair to mention a team with a 0-11 win/loss record in this category. After all, how could they disappoint when no one’s expecting much from them in the first place? But even when other bottom-tier teams started to show signs of improvement, Origen have shown a staggering lack of growth. Their last-minute roster moves couldn’t save the former World’s semifinalists from relegation, and they will have to fight for their LCS spot. But with the way the team is now, it’s not out of the question that we’ll see this long-standing organization fade into obscurity.

What was your favorite moment from Week 8? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL Week 8 EU LCS Recap: G2 escape Misfits while ROCCAT surprise

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