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Team EnVyUs: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

Team EnVyUs are preparing to enter the 2017 NA LCS Playoffs! How do they match up against their competition?

After finishing the regular season with an 8-10 score, EnVyUs are the only lineup to enter the playoffs with a negative record. Their roster has Seraph in the top lane, LirA in the jungle, Nisqy in the mid lane, Apollo in the AD carry position, and Hakuho in the support role. How far can they make it?

Earls of the Early Game

If there’s one place where this team has an edge over most opponents, it’s the early game. EnVyUs have an average +698 gold difference at 15 minutes, which makes them the third-best team in the league at securing early leads (only behind Immortals and Cloud9). A huge part of it is LirA, a world-class jungler that reinvented hyperaggressive pathing in North America. But it wouldn’t be fair to give all the credit to him, especially when you consider that LirA hasn’t been as impactful this split. And almost everyone on EnVyUs has gone through massive improvements.

That doesn’t mean this team’s without a fault, though. The fact that EnVyUs are so adept at finding early game openings and still have a negative win/loss stat means they’re horrid at snowballing their advantages. Most of it can be attributed to lackluster shot calling. While EnVyUs players know their roles well in the laning phase, they start making countless mistakes later on. Whether it’s haphazard decisions, risky Baron calls, or shaky teamfights, EnVyUs often struggle to find a way to close out a game.

Another problem lies in the top lane. With a 2.3 KDA, 8.4 CS per minute, and 387 DPM, Seraph is in the running for being the worst top laner in the league. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he was on tank duty, but it’s very common to see Seraph get onto bruisers or even straight-out carries at the expense of his teammates. And investing resources into your worst player is a major setback.

Finally, the mid laner—Nisqy—also has some consistency issues. Sporting a 3.6 KDA, 8.9 CS per minute, and 523 DPM, he’s a talented mechanical player, but this is his first LCS split, and it’s not exactly surprising to see him fall short against more experienced mid laners.

Players to Follow

Even if he’s in a relative slump, LirA continues to impress us. With a 3.6 KDA and 5.0 CS per minute, he relies on a mix of mechanics and game sense to outmaneuver the enemy jungler and find the necessary ganks to get the snowball going. Without LirA, EnVyUs would lose their early game edge.

In the cases when EnVyUs manage to claim a late game victory, it’s usually because of their marksman. Holding a 3.9 KDAm 5.9 CS per minute, and 485 DPM, Apollo stepped up to become the singular carry of this team. His main strength lies in his laning phase, but he also seamlessly shows up in teamfights and skirmishes.

On Sunday, August 20, 2017, Team EnVyUs will go against CLG in the first round of the 2017 Summer Playoffs. Can the earls of the early game take down the NA LCS powerhouse?  Check out our preview to see what we think about this matchup.

What are your thoughts on Team EnVyUs and their chances in the NA LCS playoffs? Share your opinion in the comments!


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Team EnVyUs: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

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