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Team Dignitas: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

Team Dignitas is prepared to go on a rampage in the Season 7 NA LCS Summer Playoffs. Are their strengths enough to allow them to prevail?

Team Dignitas finished the 2017 NA LCS Summer Season in 5th place with a record of 11-7, and are prepared to go far in the NA LCS Summer Playoffs. Dignitas has been around in the NA LCS since the beginning, but despite having a couple of hiccups, their current team looks sturdy, powerful and prepared to do whatever it takes to go to Worlds. Their roster consists of Ssumday in the top lane, Shrimp in the Jungle, Keane in the Mid lane, Altec as their ADC, Adrian as the Support, and Cop as the team’s coach. With Team Dignitas’s roster looking strong in all roles, how will they do going into the Playoffs?

What does Dignitas look like on the Rift?

Slow Momentum Into Huge Advantages

Team Dignitas’s favorite playstyle is to play slow in the early game so that they can ramp up and get to their mid- and late-game power spikes without giving up too many leads. With Shrimp taking on the tank Maokai lately, his early game is mainly consisted of farming until level 6, where Maokai’s gains his crowd control ultimate. From there, Dignitas plays a great macro game where they focus on taking towers and clearing/placing wards. Since the pickup of Shrimp, Ssumday has been able to play more bully champions, like Renekton and Kled, that are able to dive into the enemy and kill the backline. With great coordination between Ssumday and Shrimp, both of these Dignitas players are able to execute clean tower dives on the top lane and gain the advantage.

Keane has played many utility champions like Orianna and Taliyah to a high level to compliment his team and pop off as well. From nabbing 3-man shockwaves with Ori to blocking off the enemy from protecting their tower with Taliyah, Keane is able to play these champions well. Keane has played Cassiopeia eleven times with a KDA of 5.3 and Syndra eight times with a KDA of 3.4, further showing how versatile Keane is with mid lane champions and how much Dignitas emphasizes the late game.

Altec and Adrian both joined at the start of Week 3 in the Summer Season, but they have both been a monstrous botlane despite showing up late. Altec plays a mean Tristana that has a KDA of 4.2, but his Kalista has a terrifying KDA of 6.4. Despite the jokes last year that Adrian can only play 4 champions, Adrian has shown that he can play playmaking champions this split.

However, since Dignitas usually plays such a slow beginning in some of their games, that means that they are weak against teams that are able to gain an early lead for their team and snowball it before Dignitas can get into their late-game power spike. They are very inconsistent because of this, having too many games go to game 3 despite having a great showing in the game that they won.

No More Digni”toss”

The running joke about Team Dignitas throwing at the Baron pit is no longer a laughing matter. Dignitas is very smart about knowing when to start Baron, when to turn onto the enemy team when they approach, and how to punish the enemy team for starting Baron. With Shrimp and Ssumday’s tower dive potential in the early game, the top lane will always be in the favor of Team Dignitas when they start the Baron. Having the top wave pushing to the enemy turret allows Dignitas to rotate to that lane and push it with the powered up minions, allowing an easier time for them to win.

Dignitas’ strong teamfight potential makes securing other macro objectives, like Dragon, even more risky for the enemy team. Adrian’s great warding and ward clearing allows the team to evaluate if they have the advantage by starting the teamfight. Ssumday and Shrimp are always on the same page when they are engaging with Altec and Keane providing the damage that needs to be done.

One problem the squad faces, however, is a language barrier that does not allow some members to fully express their thoughts to certain others. Altec and Adrian speak English, while Ssumday and Shrimp speak Korean. Keane can speak both languages, but this can become an extra thing to think about in game.

Final Thoughts

With Team Dignitas taking on the hungry Cloud9 on August 19th, it’s anyone’s game. Although Team Dignitas has a 0-2 record against Cloud9, Dignitas has always brought the series to a game 3 in both of the games. All eyes will be focused on the mid lane with Keane playing against the Cloud9 mid laner Jensen, who has the highest KDA in the whole league at 8.7. Keane just has to play the game smart and safe against Jensen, who will most likely be calling Contractz over for help. Ssumday playing against the Cloud9 top laner Impact is going to be important as well. If Ssumday is able to gain an advantage over Impact at the top lane, then Dignitas will be able to snowball Ssumday’s lead to help carry the game. Altec and Adrian were able to go toe-to-toe with the formidable Cloud9 bot lane Sneaky and Smoothie, and if Shrimp is able to match a countergank for their lane with Contract’s fast roaming, then Team Dignitas has the series in the bag.

Team Dignitas has great strengths in Ssumday, their mid- and late-game powerspike and their Baron calls, but the question is if their inconsistency and weak early game will hinder them. While Team Solomid, Cloud9, and CLG having all gone to Worlds twice in a row, Team Dignitas is going to have to prove that they deserve a spot in that class and break the trend that the three juggernauts have set.

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Team Dignitas: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

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