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LoL EU Dark Horse Team Splyce-ing it up: The Odd Snake Out

With Playoffs just around the corner, we take a look at a possible top contender: Splyce!

After 7 weeks of intense matches, EU LCS Playoffs are just a few weeks away. With G2 being the clear undisputed number one team for EU, with Misfits, H2K and Unicorns of Love trailing behind, it is clear that there is a huge disparity between teams in the region. Top tier teams outperform lower class teams, being able to showcase why they are at a higher pedestal.

A long shot?

However, there is a “dark horse” in the form of Splyce. Once a team that got dropped to the relegation tournament after finishing 8th during the 2016 Spring Split, Splyce got their act together and performed well, constantly finding their way up the standings, eventually finishing 2nd. Earning a bye to the semifinals, they were able to beat H2K but were unable to beat G2, the eventual Playoff champions.

Since they did not earn enough points to qualify for Worlds 2016, the team had to play through the Regional Qualifier Gauntlet to earn their spot, eventually besting Unicorns of Love in a very close series that lasted all 5 games. At Worlds, Splyce failed to make it out of the Group stages.

The team that stays together, wins together

Even with their lackluster performance during Worlds 2016, Splyce was able to make their mark and prove that they can be a major contender in the region. With their roster remaning unchanged, and with YamatoCannon at the helm (Best Coach 2016 EU Summer Split), Splyce was looking to prove that their previous 2nd place finish was not a fluke. However, they did not get the start that they would have wanted, with a fluctuating win record, having negative records against the top teams but able to constantly outperform lower teams.

Signs of Life

In their Week 7 match against G2, Splyce performed extremely well during their first game. So much so that they were able to obtain an early lead against the best team in EU. The team was able to maintain their lead and impose their will across the map giving G2 a rare game loss. The next 2 games wouldn’t be the same, with Splyce losing the match. Nevertheless, their early game dominance in the 1st game speaks volumes to the capability of Splyce performing at the highest levels of play possible. If they are capable of being more consistent with their plays and decision making, Splyce can reclaim their top spot among the high tier teams.

Looking forward

The next two weeks for Splyce will be extremely good for them, as they will be facing Origen (Week 8) and Vitality (Week 9). Splyce has beaten both teams 2-0, which bodes well for them coming into the final week. Week 10 will be one of their toughest challenges, having to face Unicorns of Love and H2K, two teams that are at the top of the standings. If they are to win these games, the playoffs would be a reality for Splyce.

What are your thoughts? Think of any other team that has the capacity to surprise? Share them with us!

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LoL EU Dark Horse Team Splyce-ing it up: The Odd Snake Out

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