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Reasons why TSM is in the top spot for NA LCS Spring Split

Weeks have passed since the start of the NA LCS Spring Split 2017. We analyze the reasons why Team Solo Mid take the top spot in North American LCS.

Andy “Reginald” Dinh

The CEO and owner of Team Solo Mid, former professional player Andy “Reginald” Dinh has transformed this team. To those who don’t know Reginald, much of TSM’s success is owed to his strategic planning. Originally known for his aggressive playstyle during Season 1, he was forced to adapt to a more passive approach in Season 2. While Season 3 brought more opportunities for Reginald and TSM than ever before, the weight of leading an organization both on and off The Rift was becoming too much for one person to bear. In 2013, Reginald brought in Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg to fill his previous position in the mid lane, a move which reinvigorated the TSM squad and has led to multiple NA LCS titles.

The video below shows the dedication of Reginald towards his League of Legends team even if he owns other game teams. His passion for League never wavers. 


Of course, the current Leader of the team, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg. Bjergsen is known for his unique playstyle in the mid lane and because of it he’s famous around the world. A little history about Bjergsen, he began playing professionally when he was just 16 back in 2012. He joined Copenhagen Wolves in August of 2012 and because of his addition the team just missed out on winnning DreamHack Winter 2012 and the THOR Open 2012 but then regained themselves in NorthCon eSport Arena 2012 and Eclypsia Christmas Cup.

Riot decided to put age restrictions for playing professionally as Bjergsen was just 16 at the time. The team waited for him to turn 17 to rejoin the roster, however, the team didn’t perform well and ended in 5th place in the regular season. Bjergsen then left along with his team mate Svenskeren to join Ninjas in Pyjamas. Bjergsen was unable to recreate any success in the EU LCS until Reginald of TSM invited him to join the team and move to NA.

Now, he’s the star player of the team which is a difficult role for him without Doublelift beside him to call the shots. However, this Spring Split 2017 shows that he’s able to manage his team well and continues to improve in being the team leader.

Players improvement: Hauntzer stepping up

The video proves that even the casters themselves say that Hauntzer is improving. Even if he’s against beast top laners like Impact who’s a former world champion and upcomer Looper, it didn’t stop him from stepping up and getting his team wins.

Synergy and No Language Barrier

I can’t say anything to this, but with current NA LCS teams acquiring Korean players, there is an obvious language and synergy barrier that starts to form. TSM on the other hand didn’t change their roster except for the return of Wildturtle to sub in for Doublelift’s position. All I can say is that with the slight changes to the roster, the team itself have much stronger cohesion and synergy than any other NA LCS teams like Counter Logic Gaming.

Adaptation and improvement

What’s different with them from Counter Logic Gaming is that TSM have shown that they can adapt and improve to the current meta. From the first week until today, TSM have shown significant changes from their champion picks and their drafting only shows that TSM is not there just to play but to win.

Do you think TSM will take home the NA LCS Spring Playoffs? If not, let us know who you think will win!

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Reasons why TSM is in the top spot for NA LCS Spring Split

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