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Piglet’s Mid Debut: Team Liquid defeat Immortals

It's already Week 6 and Day 1 of the NA LCS Spring Split 2017. The first matchup of the day is between the newly role swapped team, Team Liquid against the 5-5 Immortals.

Piglet to Mid Lane, Youngbin to ADC

Everyone had different reactions and speculations when Team Liquid announced last Wednesday that Gwang-jin “Piglet” Chae will be moving from AD Carry to Mid Lane while Jung “Youngbin” Young-bin takes over the ADC role. 

“After a week of testing, we’ve made a roster change, moving Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin to play in the mid-lane, with Young-bin “Youngbin” Chung back in the Team Liquid roster, in the AD Carry role,” the team’s manager, Michael Artress, said to theScore esports in an email. “This was a great combination in scrims, and we’re excited to see what progress we can make in the remainder of the LCS Spring split.”

The decision to reorganize the team roster comes after the announcement of tryouts for its League of Legends team. More descriptions from the video below.

A little history about Youngbin, he was the former mid laner for Team Liquid Academy and now joins the LCS team as the starting AD Carry. To learn more about Youngbin, here’s an interview of Youngbin joining Team Liquid.

Game 1: The Rookie: Youngbin

The first game started with a surprise as Piglet locked in Ryze as his first Mid Lane matchup against Pobelter’s LeBlanc. Meanwhile, Youngbin locked in Ezreal against Cody Sun’s Ashe. 5 minutes to the game, Matt got First Blood but it was Dardoch who landed a perfect cocoon onto Matt getting a 3-1 trade for Team Liquid. The game didn’t end well for Team Liquid as the Immortals kept pressuring Team Liquid’s bot lane giving Youngbin a bad record and performance. Immortals took home game number one.

Piglet finished with a quiet performance going 3/2/1 while Youngbin managed an 0/5/2 score line in the bot lane.

Game 2: Piglet’s Sly Fox

Piglet showed his remarkable skills on Ahri as he got first blood on Dardoch. Team Liquid showed fantastic rotations giving them early advantages. Even though Team Liquid had early advantages, Immortals showed their synergy with 5k gold lead until the 25 minute mark. Clashes ensued in the Drake pit but Piglet assassinated the carry while another member of Team Liquid managed to kill 3 more members of Immortals giving them a huge lead and a Baron. Team Liquid won Game 2 with Piglet and Reignover carrying the game.

Piglet redeemed his performance going 5/1/10. Youngbin also had a much stronger game going 3/2/9 on Jhin.

Game 3: Petrifying Gazed

Both teams played safe in Game 3 until the 10 minute mark where Immortals engaged in the bottom lane killing Matt. The others teleported leaving Olleh and Dardoch caught out to dry. A lot of skirmishes happened in game three but most of the teamfights were in favor of Team Liquid, especially the clash 20 minutes in where Piglet landed his Petrifying Gaze stunning 3 people and giving Team Liquid a victory of the series. The player of the game was Piglet with a score of 12/1/8. Youngbin also redeemed himself with a monster performance going 2/3/20 leading all players in assists in Game 3.

Do you think TL will continue with Piglet in mid? Did Youngbin impress you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Piglet’s Mid Debut: Team Liquid defeat Immortals

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