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Phoenix 1’s Roster Moves Have Made Them Split Contenders

Phoenix 1 were the one of the bottom tier teams when they joined the 2016 Summer Split where they finished 8th in the standings with a 5-13 record. So what did they do to change their 5-13 record to a 9-5 record going into Week 8?


Offseason Moves

Phoenix 1 made some of the best, if not the best roster moves by any team this offseason. The team kept both Zig, and Inori as their Top Lane and Jungle players from the 2016 Summer Split.

Their biggest offseason acquisition was bringing in former AD Carry for KT Rolster, Arrow. Arrow is playing like a MVP candidate and if I could choose, he would be the MVP for this year’s Spring Split.

To assist Arrow in the Bottom Lane they brought in Support Adrain who was formerly on Immortals.

To top things off for their roster they acquired Ryu who is a Mid Laner who made it to the Worlds Semifinals in 2016 with H2K. But recently the team has had to deal with some roster moves during the split to continue to be contenders.

Mid Season Moves  

The Mid Season roster moves have been towards the Jungle and Support positions. The first move the team had to make was bringing in Cloud9’s substitute Jungler, Meteos.

Meteos was Cloud9’s Jungler for Worlds in 2016 but stepped down to be a substitute. The reason why Meteos had to step in as Phoenix1’s Jungler was because Inori asked to take some time off due to personal issues. This caused a lot of problems with the team since Inori had recently come back to the team but Meteos had been performing well. At the time, the team’s support player Adrian had a lot to say about the matter between who he liked to have as his jungler.

Adrian was cut from the team last week due to his behavior and the team brought in Stunt who recently played for Dignitas this split. Stunt knows he has to perform well with a MVP ADC in Arrow and a team who is contending for the upcoming playoffs after being on the bench for most the season.

The jungle debate between Inori and Meteos is still in question with both of them receiving playing time last week.

Looking Ahead

Phoenix1 play Team Liquid and Immortals this week and with a win they can clinch a playoff spot.

Let us know what you think about P1’s roster moves and who you think should be their junlger in the playoffs in the comment section below!          

Colin Reigle

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Phoenix 1’s Roster Moves Have Made Them Split Contenders

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