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Patch 7.19: The top changes

Patch 7.19 is bringing many changes to address the problems that plague Solo Queue. Let’s break them down!

Azir rework

Azir got a mini-update to make him easier to balance in the League of Legends landscape. He received a small bump to his base health and movement speed as well as a number of tweaks to the base damage and AP ratios of his abilities. 

But the most important changes involve his soldiers. Arise! [W] now has a 500 (up from 450) cast range and a 660 (down from 800) command range. Additionally, Azir receives a sizeable attack speed boost whenever he has three soldiers on the field. 

Another thing to note is that Shifting Sands [E] now grants a stronger shield right upon spell cast, but the shield duration is much shorter (1.5 seconds instead of 4 seconds). 

Finally, Emperor’s Divide [R] only interrupts dashes during the time soldiers are moving—otherwise, the ability acts as regular terrain. 

These changes add quite a bit of early game power to Azir’s kit while taking away his ability to barrage enemies with auto attacks from a safe distance. Now, Azir will have to get into the fray if he wants to make his presence known—and that will make him simultaneously more exciting to play and easier to deal with. 

Xin Zhao update

Xin Zhao follows Azir with a mini-rework of his own. 

We’ve already covered the changes in a separate article, but the gist is that Xin Zhao’s previous W was moved to his other basic abilities. It was replaced by Wind Becomes Lightning [W], a two-part attack that makes Xin Zhao slash all enemies in front of him in a cone, and then perform a long-ranged thrust that slows its target.

As for his ultimate, it still deals damage and knocks back nearby enemies except for the foe Xin Zhao struck last. But now, after casting Crescent Guard [R], Xin also negates all damage that comes to him from further than 450 units away. The protective aura lasts for 3 seconds.

With these changes, Xin Zhao gets the much-needed ability to stick to his target while not falling in a matter of seconds in every teamfight. 

Perhaps he can finally be the melee AD carry that League of Legend needs.

Caitlyn is back

It took a while, but Caitlyn’s attack speed nerfs were finally reverted! Moreover, Piltover Peacemaker’s [Q] damage to secondary enemies got restored to 67% (up from 50%) and Cait’s Headshots can proc on turrets. 

That said, don’t expect the Sheriff of Piltover to be back in full glory. Her base health was reduced from 524 to 475 and Yordle Snap Traps got their duration cut down severely. This way, Caitlyn will be more vulnerable to early all-ins, but will still retain her scaling and lane bully status.

Janna nerfs

Hell, it’s about time! Janna’s base stats received several tweaks, including an attack range increase to 550 (from 475,) an attack damage decrease to 46 (from 52,) and a health boost to 525 (from 487.) Her passive was changed to give her 8% movement speed, and make her auto attacks deal 35% of her bonus movement speed as additional damage.

As for her abilities, Howling Gale [Q] now travels faster, and has a lower cooldown at early ranks (along with a higher cooldown at max rank). Zephyr’s [W] cooldown was reduced to 8 seconds (instead of 12 seconds,) but its slow, cast range, and passive movement speed were tuned down. 

Wait… where are the actual nerfs?  

Well, here’s a big one: Eye of the Storm cooldown was increased to the whopping 18 seconds (up from 10 seconds) at first rank. 

Riot clearly wants Janna to get up close and personal and be less of a shield bot, which should make her both more impactful and more exploitable.

Vayne can refresh her ult

Vayne received several changes that aim to improve her laning at the expense of her late game. 

First, Tumble’s [Q] damage now adds 50-70% of total AD (up from 30-50%) to the next auto attack, but the bonus damage no longer synergizes with critical strikes. 

Second, Silver Bolts [W] deal less percentile damage, but more minimum damage at early ranks. 

Third, Final Hour [R] duration is increased by 4 seconds every time a champion Vayne damaged recently dies. Now, Vayne players will have to approach teamfights with a bit more foresights than pressing Tumble > Auto Attack onto the enemy carry.

Ardent Censer nerf 

Ardent Censer has been dictating the support meta for far too long. 

Its attack speed and on-hit damage were reverted to 20-35% and 20-35 respectively, but its on-hit healing was completely removed. Also, whenever you shield or heal an ally, Ardent Censer will give its buff to you as well as your target. Our guess is that Censer will still be quite good, but it won’t be the win-the-bot-lane item it was before. 

Bramble Vest tweaks

Bramble Vest was far too cheap for what it brought to the table, so its cost got increased by 100 gold. 

Also, the reflected damage was bumped down from 20 to 15, making it less oppressive to most auto attackers. 

Yorick gets a skin

That’s right, for the first time since 2011, Yorick Mori receives a skin. 

Arclight Yorick turns the murky monk into a proud paladin that’s ready to swing his golden weapon with regal righteousness. The only drawback is that the skin costs 1350 RP, but we’re sure that Yorick fans will appreciate it nonetheless. 

That’s it for our top changes of patch 7.19! As always, you can check the complete patch notes here, and we’ll see you on the Fields of Justice.

Let us know what you think about patch 7.19 in the comments below!

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Patch 7.19: The top changes

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