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New LoL Champion Breakdown: Ornn The Fire Below The Mountain

Riot reveals the next champion to be Ornn, The Fire Below the Mountain! How will he change the LoL landscape?

It’s amazing how Riot keeps coming up with unique champion concepts so far into the game’s development cycle. The newest addition to the League—Ornn—is a thundering blacksmith that has unique interactions with the game’s shop and other players’ items. Without further ado, let’s break down what makes him stand out so much!

Champion Overview

Passive: Living Forge and Master Craftsman

There are two parts to Ornn’s passive, and the first one lets him purchase any shop items whenever he’s out of combat. That’s right, unlike other champions, he doesn’t have to make a trip to the fountain. The second part allows his teammates—and Ornn himself—to buy improved versions of certain items from the shop. If you’re wondering what items can be upgraded, we’ve posted the list down below, although it’s unclear what effects they will have.


Q: Volcanic Rupture

Ornn slams the ground and sends out a fissure in a straight line, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit. In addition, a small pillar spawns at the target location that functions like a wall for a short duration. The skillshot length is fixed, meaning that blocking escape routes with pillars will require some incredibly precise positioning. This looks like Ornn’s main trading tool that has innate synergy with his other abilities.

W: Bellow’s Breath

Ornn gains a shield, becomes unstoppable, and starts breathing fire, dealing percentage damage based on the target’s current health. The final tick of the flames applies a Brittle effect to the target. Ornn’s basic attacks knock back Brittle targets, but the real kicker is that Brittle enemies suffer bonus maximum health damage when struck by hard crowd control spells and CC will last longer when applied to them.

E: Searing Charge

Ornn dashes forward, inflicting damage to enemies he passes through. If the blacksmith crashes into a wall, the impact creates a shockwave that deals damage and knocks up surrounding opponents. The ability also destroys any player-made terrain. While the charge does appear to have a limiting factor of terrain collision, a good Ornn will work around this by combining the ability with a Volcanic Rupture [Q]. Not to mention that destroying Taliyah walls or Trundle pillars will be incredibly useful in teamfights.

R: Call of the Forge God

Ornn summons a fire elemental that travels towards him from the target location. Enemies hit by the elemental receive magic damage and become Brittle. Recasting the ability will make Ornn charge forward and—provided he strikes the elemental—redirect his ultimate to deal damage, knock up, and apply a Brittle effect to the enemies hit.

A Battering Ram

While Ornn’s abilities are impressive, the most interesting thing about him is his passive. Buying things without having to go to the fountain is bound to make him a huge lane bully that’s always up an item or two on his opponent. In addition, providing upgrades to his teammates brings unique value to the entire team.

Aside from that, Ornn looks like he’s going to thrive in the current tank meta. His kit is built on the hard-CC synergy, and—even though he can proc Brittle on his own—he’ll be that much more potent when combined with a CC-heavy jungler or support. We can already imagine the teamfighting potential of combining the ultimates of Ornn, Sejuani, Maokai, and even Braum.

His intended place does seem to be in the top lane, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see players trying him out in the jungle and support position. After all, his kit is just too good to pass up on.

What do you think about LoL’s new champion—Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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New LoL Champion Breakdown: Ornn The Fire Below The Mountain

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