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NA LCS Week 9 Recap: TL upset, FlyQuest make a comeback, and Echo Fox disappoint

With Playoffs approaching, it became a do or die situation for many NA LCS lineups. Which teams made it through?  

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Game of the Week: Team Liquid vs TSM

It’s generally accepted that when a bottom-tier team comes up against the league’s powerhouse, there’s not much room for an upset. But this series proved to be a lot closer that it seemed.

Game 1 had Reignover remind everyone why he’d been called the best jungler in NA LCS. His aggressive invade caught TSM off guard, and Reignover’s Olaf made short work of the enemy Rengar. Not only that, but his bot lane roam turned TSM’s lane gank around and set up Doublelift with a massive 2-kill advantage. Even though Team Liquid had to deal with Piglet falling behind 1v1 on Taliyah, Reignover and Doublelift were just too far ahead. TSM still managed to capitalize on a few mistakes from their opponents, but with Doublelift solo killing Bjergsen, it wasn’t nearly enough. A 24-minute skirmish in the Baron pit sealed the deal. TSM tried to push Team Liquid off the objective but missed the flank from Lourlo’s Gragas, while Doublelift pressured them on Ezreal. After that, it was smooth sailing for Team Liquid all the way to the enemy Nexus.

Once again, Team Liquid’s bot lane popped off. Doublelift and Matt outplayed their opponents and looked like they were ready to carry the game. But TSM chose to focus on other parts of the map. A decisive gank from Sven put Lourlo behind, and Bjergsen demolished Piglet in lane time and time again. Team Liquid crumbled under the pressure and started bleeding kills left, right, and center. And while they made an effort to crawl back into the game, TSM weren’t the type of team to allow that. A clean 30-minute win from TSM.

At this point, Piglet became a glaring weakness and TSM exploited it to the max. Not only did Bjergsen dominate Piglet 1v1, but the added pressure from Sven made sure that TL’s mid laner had no hopes of winning the matchup. With such a large deficit, TSM was in prime position to take over the game, but a single catch onto WildTurtle allowed Team Liquid to turn the tables and set up a massive team fight to even out the score. The teams went neck and neck into the mid game but a 22-minute Baron call from Team Liquid blindsided their opponents and secured a massive advantage for them.

TSM tried to go for a risky pick onto Lourlo, but the Nautilus survived long enough for his allies to come to his aid and turn the ensuing team fight. But TL chased too long and too far after the retreating opponents, and were caught off guard by the respawning TSM members.  Then the team fights happened. Lourlo came out with game-winning frontline plays, which allowed Team Liquid’s carries to safely take over the team fights. And after taking down four of TSM’s members, Liquid set out for the enemy Nexus. A 2-1 victory for Team Liquid.

Match Highlights

Biggest Surprise: FlyQuest

I’ve got to be honest, I’ve been off the FlyQuest hype train for a while now. But this veteran lineup proved that they can get it together when it matters most. Sure, their games weren’t the cleanest or the prettiest, but FlyQuest have shown surprising resilience, and claimed their rightful playoff spot.

Biggest Disappointment: Echo Fox

Echo Fox are a mess. After their early game took a nosedive, this roster struggled to find its identity. There’s not just one single problem either. With constant underperformances, awful decision-making, and a staggering inability to snowball their leads, Echo Fox have to be incredibly grateful that FlyQuest saved them from relegation. Otherwise, things wouldn’t have ended well for them.

What was your favorite moment from Week 9? Let us know in the comments below!

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NA LCS Week 9 Recap: TL upset, FlyQuest make a comeback, and Echo Fox disappoint

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