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NA LCS Promotion/Relegation Team Spotlight: Gold Coin United

Gold Coin United have breezed through the NA CS—but can they go one step further and make it into LCS? 

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From the first glance, Gold Coin United look incredibly stacked for an NA CS team. The roster includes Solo in the top lane, Santorin in the jungle, Fenix in the mid lane, Mash in the AD carry position, and Madlife in the support role.

This lineup has breezed through the Challenger League—but can they take it one step further and make it into LCS?

Challenger Superstars

There’s no denying that Gold Coin United look the strongest out of all NA CS teams. Their veteran lineup has a lot to offer in terms of individual talent and outplay potential, and their team fighting is on point.

Of course, a lot of fans were excited to see this team come into the North American scene due to Madlife being a part of its roster. And while Madlife is still a formidable player, he’s not the shining star of this lineup. Instead, Gold Coin United rely on their mid laner (Fenix) and jungler (Santorin) to pull through and secure those game-winning advantages.

So if everything looks so great on paper, is Gold Coin United destined to make it into NA LCS? Well, not necessarily.

Macro Roulette

Watching this team make in-game decisions is a lot like looking at someone trying their luck at the local casino. Sometimes the team can pull ahead through well-timed dives and carefully planned skirmishes. But their lead can disappear at a moment’s notice, as Gold Coin United make a risky Dragon or a Baron call. To be fair, they usually get the objective but it also comes at a cost of players’ lives.

The manner in which they push their advantages presents another issue. The team has adopted a methodical playstyle that’s focused on grinding out their opponents instead of getting decisive leads. And while this approach works fine in the Challenger League where Gold Coin United are clearly the better team, it won’t hold up against stronger NA LCS lineups.

But that’s not to say that their macro play has no redeeming features. If they ever fall behind, Gold Coin United are a resilient team that’s constantly looking for opportunities to crawl back into the game and their stellar team fighting more than makes up for the occasional sketchy call.

Returning Heroes

Fenix and Santorin are two players that Gold Coin United relies on most.

Fenix, an ex-TL starter, has been on an absolute tear in the Challenger League. His bold, aggressive play style has allowed him to overtake many NA CS mid laners and carry his team to victory. When you consider his 5.0 KDA, 9.3 CS per minute, and a stunning 572 DPM, it becomes clear that Fenix still has what it takes to compete on the big stage.

The same could also be said about his teammate, Santorin. The times when this jungler had been playing the role of TSM’s walking ward are long gone. Nowadays, Santorin finds himself making plays on aggressive junglers like Lee Sin, Rengar, and Kha’Zix. Sporting a monstrous 9.0 KDA, 5.4 CS per minute, and a stunning 80.9% kill participation, Santorin is a force to be reckoned with.

Tomorrow (31.03.2017), these two will lead their team against Team EnVyUs. Can they defeat them and make it into the NA LCS? Only time will tell. But for now, you can take a look at our prediction piece to see what we think about this matchup.

Do you think GCU have what it takes to make it to the LCS? Let us know in the comments below!

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NA LCS Promotion/Relegation Team Spotlight: Gold Coin United

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