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NA LCS Promotion/Relegation Prediction: Team Liquid vs eUnited

Team Liquid will battle eUnited for a spot in NA LCS! Which team will come out on top—and why?  

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One thing’s for sure, if this would be Team Liquid’s lineup from the start, they would be nowhere near relegation right now. Their play is rough around the edges, but the individual talent of this roster is outstanding. Not only do they routinely get laning advantages, but every player here is a veteran that knows how to make the most of every skirmish and team fight.

eUnited is another team that relies on individual talent. Their roster includes Licorice in the top lane, Gilius in the jungle, Fox in the mid lane, Deftly in the ADC position, and Zeyzal in the support role. Their team fighting tends to be scrappy, but their reactive play is on point, and their shot calling is in the right place.  

Match Preview

I’d like to preface this section by saying that comparing stats is all but moot in this case. The Challenger scene is a world of its own, and KDAs of eUnited members will in no way accurately reflect how they’ll fare against LCS-level opponents.

Top Lane Matchup: While this year might not be the year of Lourlo, there’s no denying that TL’s top laner has grown a lot this season. Not only did his laning become that much stronger, but he now poses a legitimate threat in team fights on tanks and carries alike. While eUnited’s Licorice is no stranger to taking over the top lane himself, he’s simply not on Lourlo’s level. At least, not yet. Licorice will need to step up a lot if he wants to have a chance at beating TL’s top laner.

Jungle Matchup: No matter the team he’s played for, Gilius has always been solid. He’s the type of jungler that won’t stun you with flashy plays but will instead calmly work to secure leads for his allies. But he looks pale in comparison to the master of control himself, Reignover. Even when he’s in a slump, Reignover’s early pathing is exceptional, and the meta is also finally shifting in his favor. Another advantage for Team Liquid.

Mid Lane Matchup:  It’s fair to say that the Midlet experiment didn’t work out for TL. The transition to another role was much harder on Piglet than it seemed at first glance. He can still make proactive plays and do well in team fights—but his laning is subpar and he often falls behind in CS and kills. While Fox isn’t exactly overbearing, he’s got what it takes to take advantage of Piglet’s shortcomings. Unless TL manage to secure Piglet a good matchup, he’ll once again lag behind his opponent.

Bot Lane Matchup: There’s a lot that’s riding on eUnited’s bot lane. After all, the ADC, Deftly, is one of the star players on the team. And while his support, Zeyzal, isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, he’s formidable enough to make this duo work. Unfortunately for them, they’re facing a monstrous bot lane of Doublelift and Matt. And these two will make sure to exploit every weakness eUnited have—especially Zeyzal’s wonky champion pool.


Team Liquid’s roster is filled with superstars. The only way eUnited can win this matchup is by working together and abusing their stronger mid lane. Their teamwork however isn’t even near to the right level to take on NA LCS veterans. A 3-1 victory for Team Liquid.

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NA LCS Promotion/Relegation Prediction: Team Liquid vs eUnited

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